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Polish citizenship - translation of birth and marriage certificates - MSF or sworn translator?

kwek 1 | 2
28 May 2019 #1
Hi, I am just starting the journey towards Polish citizenship. I understand that I will need officially translated copies of non-Polish documents. The information I have read indicates that this should be performed by a sworn translator. However, when I was looking at the website for the UK Government General Records Office I saw that they can provide translations into Polish on what is known as a Multilingual Single Form (MSF). Seems that this is an EU-wide initiative to aid the processing of documents from other member states. Although, it does say on the UK Govt. website that the MSF document is not an official document in itself, rather a printout without official signatures or seals that accompanies an official copy of a certificate.

My first question is:
Would the MSF together with an official certificate be accepted by the Polish authorities in a citzenship application? Or, will they only accept translations provided by a sworn translator?

Cost of an MSF translation + certificate is £22 compared to £11 for just the certificate.

So my second question is:
How much does a sworn translator typically charge for translating birth/marriage certificates?

I look forward to helpful responses, many thanks.
mafketis 36 | 10,371
28 May 2019 #2
at this should be performed by a sworn translator

My guess is they won't recognize any translation except for one by a Polish sworn translator (which is not even a real accreditation but let's let that one slide....)
OP kwek 1 | 2
28 May 2019 #3
Hi mafketis, thanks for your quick reply. Yes, my feeling is also that this would be the most likely situation. But if the MSF would be acceptable then it may well save some time and money. Any ideas on how much a sworn translator would charge?
mafketis 36 | 10,371
28 May 2019 #4
Sorry, the one time I need that type of translation I knew a sworn translator who owed me a favor or two, so....

The problem with MSF might be differences in translation terms - what a sworn translator does with an official document is turn it into categories that Polish bureaucracy can deal with (that is there might be specific terms used by sworn translators in Poland and if different ones are used in this other system then... that could cause problems).
terri 1 | 1,664
28 May 2019 #5
I have had numerous (maybe 20) documents translated from English into Polish by a sworn translator. This is the only translation that they will accept. Each translator has a number which needs to be stamped on the documents. They then take responsibility for the translation.

These are the only translations that are accepted by the department. I have been through this process myself. Translator charges vary, but usually go on for a number of characters including spaces.

Count on 200 pln for birth/marriage certificates.
OP kwek 1 | 2
28 May 2019 #6
No worries, thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate it :)

Thanks for the info about sworn translations and the likely cost. PLN 200 is a hefty fee but at least I'll be prepared for it when the time comes!
terri 1 | 1,664
29 May 2019 #7
The translator maybe a bit less than 200 pln, but this includes 2 original versions of the translation. Some departments may want to retain an original translations so it is best to have another copy.

I have gone through this same process in Krakow. They charge 50 pln for submission of the application. They may ask you for a name/address/details of a person (a proxy) in Poland who can receive correspondence from them. Be prepared.

In your position, if at all possible, I would have all the 'foreign originals' with me, come to Poland for a few weeks, get the translations done, submit an application and wait. Bring everything you have.

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