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Is Polish citizenship recognized if I don't have a passport ?

26 Aug 2014 #1
Hello everyone,
I have a quick question regarding Polish passports and such.
If I understand correctly, since my Mother is Polish I am automatically a citizen correct ?
In that case, would it be possible to live in Poland without any restrictions based on that or would I need to apply for a confirmation

of citizenship and then a passport in order for my citizenship to be "valid" so to speak ?

Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but I'm curious.

Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 Aug 2014 #2
You need Polish passport (or Polish ID) to have no restrictions. If your mother has Polish passport (or ID), then you can request passport for yourself on that base. If she doesn't then she should do it first.
fromPoland - | 2
1 Sep 2014 #3
If your mother has a Polish citizenship you can apply for the confirmation of your Polish citizenship.
You do not have it automatically unless you are a minor.
When you get your Polish ciztienship then you can apply for a Polish passport.

Home / Law / Is Polish citizenship recognized if I don't have a passport ?
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