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Polish Citizen born in the USA attempting to get Polish Birth Certificate and PESEL

WrocSeb 2 | 2
27 Jun 2013 #1
I hope that I'm posting this question in the correct forum!

Basically, I am a US/Polish dual citizen who was born in the United States in 1991 (I'm 21 years old). I was issued a passport when I was much younger, without having a numer PESEL. My parents never obtained a Polish birth certificate for me. Now, in order to renew my 10-letni paszport I need to get a Polish Birth Certificate first, and then apply for PESEL and 10-letni paszport at the same time. Basically my question is, what is the process for getting a Polish Birth Certificate? (My parents will be in Poland in August, and want to get this worked out while they're in Poland).

I've tried doing some research. And from what I've found so far, since I'm over 18, my parents need to go to Urząd Stanu Cywilnego in Warsaw (even though we're from Wrocław). They will need my original US birth certificate and a translated birth certificate (translated by a tłumacz przysięgły). Is there anything else that they need? How long does this process typically take?

After obtaining the Polish birth certificate I will then use it to apply for a PESEL and new passport.

Thanks for any and all help!
Bassem - | 22
27 Jun 2013 #2
i have the same situation with my daughter, she born in Canada and her mother is a polish citizen, we had to go to consulate here in Montreal and pay around 107$ to make registration of baby in poland and they gonna back to us in 3 months with a polish birth certificate.

also the shortest way call polish embassy in your city and they will guide you.
OP WrocSeb 2 | 2
27 Jun 2013 #3
Yeah, I've been to the Consulate in New York City (I live in Boston) and also got that information when I was trying to apply for a passport renewal. I want to avoid waiting the three months to receive the birth certificate though. And my parents just so happen to be going to Warsaw at the beginning of August for a Wedding so they'll be able to take care of this for me when they're there. I just want to make sure that they have all necessary documents in hand when they go so that they aren't turned away for some small formality.
Bassem - | 22
27 Jun 2013 #4
Required documents:
1- your US birth certificate (Full form, here in Canada it's called copy of an act)
2- parents passports
3- marriage certificate of your parents if they are married
4- your parents will fill paper there in warsaw in this office.

you should also translate all English versions to a polish versions, but i think you need to contact a translator in Poland certified by minster of justice (im not sure from this point if you can translate it in Us or poland)
OP WrocSeb 2 | 2
27 Jun 2013 #5
Thanks for the info!

I thought I had remembered them saying at the consulate that they needed my parents birth certificates, etc but wasn't sure. And my parents are both Polish citizens (born in Poland) so everything they have is already in Polish. We're sending my birth certificate to my grandparents in Poland so that they can take it to an official translator before my parents get to Poland. Hope that's all they'll need!

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