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Changing the name on a Polish passport

Wills 1 | 3
9 Dec 2016 #1
Hello everyone,

Apart from having another nationality, I also have Polish citizenship, and I'd like to ask a question: I want to change my family name to take my mother's maiden name (which is Polish) and "Polonize" my first name (ie Andrew -> Andrzej).

1/ Could you give me some tips about the procedure? It took me years to have my Polish nationality recognized as I had no help in that.

I live in Krakow, speak Polish but I struggle reading it. Since I'm quite flexible, I can do it in an embassy abroad if some of you suggest it is a faster procedure.

2/ Is the former name (nazwizko rodowe) going to appear on the new passport alongside with the new identity? (I guess it does on the dowód)

3/ Are they taking my old Polish passport for that?
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 492
9 Dec 2016 #2
You have to visit your local USC (urzad stanu cywilnego ~ registry Office), since you wish to polonize your name (and surname) you have to bring your pelny odpis aktu urodzenia (if you were born in poland) or papers that prove you are Polish citizen.

Ask them, when I've changed my name they were very helpful.
Sandra Alvarez
17 May 2019 #3
Hi there,

I was born in Poland but raised in Toronto, Canada. My mother (Polish) re-partnered when I was two and remarried. I was formally adopted by my step-father. When I moved to London, England, I was told by the Toronto Polish Consulate that although my adoption was legal, they refused to acknowledge my name change. I am now stuck with one passport with my Canadian last name (that I have used all my life) and a Polish passport with the name of my mother's first husband - and this name, I have never used, nor kept any contact with this man. How do I change this my last name on my passport without going to Poland? I can speak and read Polish, but not well enough for complex legal documents. Thank you!
Mr Grunwald 33 | 1,986
17 May 2019 #4
I recommend "updating" it. Not change it per say. It would seem like you want them to have correct information and just changing from personal motives
mafketis 35 | 11,735
18 May 2019 #5
they refused to acknowledge my name change

In ths US I think adoption doesn't automatically change a person's legal name, that's a separate procedure. Did you have your name legally changed?
Joker 4 | 2,597
19 May 2019 #6
You're correct Mafketis,

After you go to court and see the Judge and if its approved, they issue you paperwork to take to the DMV and SS admin etc, so you can change it yourself.

You have to go to the Polish embassy for any changes to your passport.

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