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how do i change my Polish last name

Meg 1 | 38
22 Jun 2007 #31
"If that was my last name i'd change it to YESwiski"

If it was me, I'd stand there with a poker face and say, "Wow, that is a funny one. I never heard that one before. Thanks." Then walk away.

Easy for me to say, though.

In reality? It'd probably be slappin' time. (At least after, oh, #50.)

Maybe it's the Irish in me?
beckski 12 | 1,617
22 Jun 2007 #32
Get married to a Polish guy

Hi Krysia,

The only problem is many of the Polish surnames are a mile-long! YIKES!
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
22 Jun 2007 #33
FGS, i have more Ls in my name than I would like but im stuck with what i have, FS get over it! what in a name?
jnowiski 2 | 121
22 Jun 2007 #34
If it was me, I'd stand there with a poker face and say, "Wow, that is a funny one. I never heard that one before. Thanks." Then walk away.

Yeah, sometimes i do that. It's funny cause some of them really think its the first time i've heard that.

When i was younger i hated my last name, cause i had never met a -ski (or any other person with a polish name), but when i got in high school i started loving it. I wouldn't want anything else. At the tattoo shop i frequent (once or a twice a week for 2-4 least!) i'm know as the "Pole" or "the Pollock" (sp?) whats funny is the guy that calls me that is Polish!! he said he used to speak polish alot with his grandmother till he was 7, but it pretty much stopped when she passed away, i guess his parents didn't bother speaking it with him. anyways, the point is...i love my last name. haha
Meg 1 | 38
23 Jun 2007 #35
When I was growing up in small-town Texas, I loved/hated being Catholic with an Irish name. There were very few of us Catholics in town, and though people didn't make fun (this was the '70's), you still felt "different". Other kids would ask you totally weird things they'd heard about Catholics from their grandmothers or something. And they were all named "Anderson", "Johnson", "Smith", etc. But as I got older I liked it better because I didn't mind being "different" so much, especially b/c I got out of school on St Patrick's Day to go do Irish dancing in Dallas! (This was WAY before "Riverdance" - LOL!!)

Hmm, now that I'm thinking about it, totally ahead of us Irish and Mexicans, probably the most exotic last name in my school grade belonged a boy named Wischnewsky. He was a very nice boy, also a talented athlete and popular, but NO ONE could spell his last name. When I was yearbook editor, I finally memorized it - now I'll never forget it.
jnowiski 2 | 121
23 Jun 2007 #36
I can't remember when the first time i met another -ski was. I met other people with polish heritage, but they all had "normal" american names. I think one of the first -ski's i met was at basic training, i Solarsky, i asked him if he was russian, cause i thought because the y it wasn't polish, then he told me it was polish. I was like "Finally!" i know a guy in the army from Chicago who speaks polish, and i try to talk to him in polish when i see him, but i don't know enough to really hold any conversation. He always asked me about russian and we try and compare russian to polish. which is fun...i guess
21 Feb 2009 #37
ha ha it does!! i have to sign a pledge on all my tests and quizes and both me and my dad have a john hanckock so it takes more than that like with the "J. Mic-scrible," or to mine: "b. michalski."

I now just sign with my first name

and THE WORST pronounciation: "mitch-al-is-ki" 6th grade Principal durring awards ceremony.

i understand pple forgetting ch is silent, so i accept michal (pronounced just like the name)-ski. but it pisses me off when pple do "cha"
29 Jul 2010 #38
Well I'm a Bielaskie, and that spelling has changed so much over the past 100 years since my family immigrated to Canada. If you want a traditional polish surname, its very true no one will be able to pronounce it, and even the modified polish names have the same problem. Would you rather have people asking you if your hispanic or constantly calling you by the wrong name????
17 Oct 2012 #39
Hahaha this makes me laugh because my maiden name was Diaz too. My husband is polish and because of our last name it makes it difficult for everything. Our last name is Grzejka, but I guess I would rather have that one over his mothers... DobrzyƄska. Iike my new name because it is unique. I have never met another Grzejka who wasn't from the family, or anyone who could pronounce the name. Like said I like the name, but I will always have a spot in my heart for Diaz.
markskibniewski 3 | 200
21 Oct 2012 #40
Start adding a ski to the end of your name Diazski . Problem solved.

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