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Canadian who studies in Warsaw - Visa, Karta Pobytu and Deportation?

1 May 2014 #1
So I am a Canadian who studies in Warsaw. I am finishing my programme this year but entered (via germany) on a 90 days visa-free agreement. I was told by an embassy worker in New York (I was there before Warsaw which is why I didn't get my student visa as I was outside Canada) that I just had to apply for my karta pobytu when I had been in Poland for 45 days.

I went to apply and was told I should have applied at the 30 day mark (essentially 60 days before my visa expired). The woman said it might still be possible to I applied and then a few week later someone else there told me I could write a letter asking for my decision to be sped up due to this error. I submitted all of that 2 weeks ago and heard nothing back from the foreigners office. I am now on the last day before my visa expires and have heard nothing and tomorrow the office is closed (even though it's not a holiday).

Does anyone know if I can overstay a few days, and then go on Monday and ask them to stamp my passport saying I am allowed to wait in Poland for my decision? Or do I have to leave? I am going to try calling the offices tomorrow but would appreciate any advice.

Also, if I simply stay in Warsaw (without a visa) while I wait, what are the chances of me getting into trouble when I leave Poland in July to return to Canada?

Thanks! Sorry if this has been asked a million times, wasn't able to find anyting specific about this situation.
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
1 May 2014 #2
they should have stamped your passport for extended visa,since they didnt you should go to them best according to my information you will be told to leave or given a letter for extended visa,whatever they tell you just get it in written.Usually they overlook american and canadian passport holders but you never is a law good luck
Cardno85 31 | 976
1 May 2014 #3
It's hard to say about the Karta Pobytu because of the buearocracy involved. However I would say risking it, while you will probaby be fine, is a risky move. It's not just Poland you need to worry about, if you overstay your visa and are caught then you could risk a full Schengen lock out!
OP Remo
1 May 2014 #4
Thanks for the responses. My only problem is they are closed tomorrow and I can not stay longer than the weekend (when they are clearly not open). So I would have to overstay to visit them on Monday to get either the extension or be told to leave. This is what I am most concerned the 2-3 days overstay a very large risk?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 May 2014 #5
Check that:
5 Jun 2019 #6

Poland's Student National Visa expiry and residence permit


I have national visa until July 1, 2019. I applied for residence permit on November, 2018. I'm invited for fingerprint stage on July 5. I know that I can stay after finger print but is 4 days gap can cause issue?

Also, can I still work (during summer as a student full-time) if my visa is finished and i'm waiting for residence permit decision.

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