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Best on-line forex service for GBP -> PLN exchange?

raymccoy 5 | 12
21 Jan 2013 #1
Hi all,

Can anyone recommend me a good on-line forex service to exchange GBP to PLN?

I'm currently using ukforex to exchange GBP to EUR and I'm very happy with it.

They do exchange to PLN but the rate is lower than in the best kantors in Warsaw.

i.e. for 2000 pounds UKForex gives me a rate of 4,8751 while Intraco kantor in Warsaw has a rate of 4,955

Of course there is the convenience of direct transfer between bank accounts without having to handle cash in the street, but still, there must be a better rate on-line than what UKForex is giving me? Is anybody here using an on-line forex service for GBP -> PLN exchange?

berni23 7 | 379
21 Jan 2013 #2
They have all pretty much the same rates, but watch out for hidden costs.
ZBO - | 2
21 Jan 2013 #3
Check out 'transfer wise'

By far the best way to send money between GBP/PLN bank accounts.
OP raymccoy 5 | 12
22 Jan 2013 #4

Thank you, Poland transfer seems to have an excellent rate. I'm a bit weary though as they say that the calculation of what you get is an *estimate*, and they use mid-market rates for that estimate, not buying rate... do you have any experience with them? How much of a difference from the estimate I can expect?
ZBO - | 2
22 Jan 2013 #5
I've used the service twice and was very satisfied with the service. Its a bit clunky since you have to make bank transfers and it takes a couple days but the rate is the closest to the market rate that I've seen and you also avoid all the charges and fees that banks tend to charge. I was sceptical at first as well, so tried it with a relatively small value to test things out and it was fine.

PLN is quite a volatile currency so the rate you get can move for or against you since the transfer is not instant. From what I remember there is an option where you can choose how much you're willing to allow the exchange rate to fluctuate during the transfer process. 1%, 2% etc. If it moves beyond that they won't make the exchange.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,911
22 Jan 2013 #6
With some transfers, please bear in mind the risks
OP raymccoy 5 | 12
8 Feb 2013 #7
Had a great experience with Poland transfer, it took less than 3 days to get the money and got around 40€ more than exchanging with UKForex. Thankyou @ZBO !!! Will use it from now on.
1 Jun 2013 #8
This free Android app could be an answer for that question: Transfer GBP->PLN
Tint - | 1
6 Aug 2014 #9
I think, the best service - Intreractive brokers

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