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Applying for Polish citizenship through marriage.

patrick 6 | 113
22 Oct 2011 #61
Why would you want to become Polish? This is not to say that there is anything wrong with being Polish, but why not just get the Staly Pobyt and be done with the paperwork for 10 years. What's the advantage to being Polish other than the benefits it would give you in the EU?
elioug 1 | 22
23 Oct 2011 #62
I think that nobody here is in the condition to say that there is a country or citizenship better than other. As societies are different, people inside the society are different, cultural backgrounds are different and personalities are different too, so everywhere we can have good and bad. I suggest some members here to calm down about some issues/personal problems they could have. To get Polish nationality can have advantages as the advantages that other nationality could give in other situation to other person in the world. I dont think there are 2nd class people so hope whose have 2nd class minds wont make more comments in negative way.

And about the procedures i think this depends mainly on the skills of every person and the wish of them in resolving problems. I am careless about getting any nationality for now, my priorities are to develop first life with stability, so any paperwork for more resident permits in future will de done as i will want it to be. Greetings and peace.
23 Oct 2011 #63
thank you elioug, yes you are right, getting polish citizenship is a personal matter, and if i said that you can apply for citizenship because becoming polish gives many advantages, we can vote, we can buy home... without any problems and painful conditions, and also i want to answer PATRICK, if i want to live an any european countries i can do it without any problems, and im not looking for the benefits of getting citizenship to live out of poland, and you can't judge people and say that they want to get citizenship just to leave in another european country, you should respect everybody and this is a forum where the foreigners want answers for their problems, not acting like a judge and say what others they think!! so i hope my message is clear, and Elioug, i want to advice you to learn langauge and to work in whatever job as the begining, you can work in restaurant...and later when you will know more people and make more contacts then your chances to find a better job is high, i wish for everybody the best, and all of you should know that poland is a good country, polish are nice, comparing to germany or france or england... here raciste is very law, i hope that poland will be much better.
bledi 2 | 11
23 Oct 2011 #64
I had a period of six months to apply for citizenship

Were you asked to give up your Brazilian citizenship or they didn't mention it in the documents?
patrick 6 | 113
23 Oct 2011 #65
simo007 I myself applied for Polish citizenship, but in the end chose not to take it. I just didn't see any advantage to having it. I have the staly pobyt already and it gives me everything I need. I also bought two flats in Poland even with czasowy pobyt, so I don't think that having citizenship really does much for you in that area unless things have changed. I wasn't judging anybody or insinuating that people go to Poland just to leech off of the EU, I just don't see the advantage of having a Polish passport. If you want it, go right ahead. No, prosze bardzo.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
23 Oct 2011 #66
Why would you want to become Polish? This is not to say that there is anything wrong with being Polish, but why not just get the Staly Pobyt and be done with the paperwork for 10 years. What's the advantage to being Polish other than the benefits it would give you in the EU?

If you are EU there is no added value - apart from being able to vote in national elections -. If you are not EU, well any backdoor to the EU is very welcome, isn't it? But why not try the Portuguese entrance?
24 Oct 2011 #67
i understand you patrick, i thought you meant something else, anyway sorry, and as i said citizenship is personal matter, yes you can buy a flat or home... but i meant being polish give you good feeling, and u cant vote if you are not polish citizenship, i think this is good advantage because our voices can be heared from politics and as i believe that foreigner cant just live in poland for a long period of time without making for himself a place in this country, i dont have any problem to become polish citizen, i think it should be obligatory to get it my wife is polish my son is polish i should also be polish, this is my right and right of every foreigner who is living in poland and he/she wants to live always in poland, i dont know what's your situation, but im thinking to export and emport things from my country to poland, but i dont know how to start, i need help and many information, i would like if somebody here to help me, i'm not polish yet, and i crossed period of 6 months out of the country i was with my pregnant wife, so i hope they will agree to give me permanent residence, i hope everything will be ok, thnx for everybody.
8 Dec 2011 #68
Hello all

I am a canadian and married to a polish lady , for about a year now.

I have an expired passport and wanted to apply for the Polish citizenship , I was lead to believe that it could be done with out an attorney , but I need help of how to apply as I am residing out side Poland at this time.

Can I apply while living outside Poland and then go there with my expired passport , can I get some kind of paper from the embassy to allow me to travel there and live there to complete the residency requirements and get the citizenship?

Help is greatly appreciated
19 Dec 2011 #69

Sorry for my poor English. on your case passport must be valid to travel anywhere in the world. IF it is expire u r embassy can give you a temporary passport or a full passport then you can travel to Poland. but getting marry doesn't give you a Polish citizenship. its a long process. total 3 year of married and at least 2 year in Poland with 2 temporary residence permit. then apply for permanent get it after 3 months around. finally apply for citizenship in 6 months window of time. if all goes right way you may get citizenship . its get a bit long time then often people think. and there is no sort cut way for this process. i hope this will help you some how.

23 Dec 2011 #70
How if an Asian want to live in Poland?
23 Dec 2011 #71
Just apply for a visa and then a residency permit in the usual way. Contact your nearest Polish consulate for more details.
22 Jan 2012 #72
hi, i would like to inform you that i am an Asian . I have a Polish girlfriend who lives in Poland and now i am in France. now i don't have any valid identity is it possible to merry her in Poland with my countries passport. please let me know.
22 Jan 2012 #73
Yes, provided you are in Poland legally. So that's a no in your case.
Emmaaaa - | 1
2 Apr 2012 #74
When you are married to a polish girl for 3years and you both are leaving together here in Poland,when you put in for Polish Citizenship how long you must wait to get it?Please can somebody help me...This year will make it 3years that am married with my wife,i need to know the Process and Everything,Please help..Thankzzz
Rodrigo - | 9
17 Apr 2012 #75
I have a Canadian mate here in Warsaw who is trying to get Polish citizenship. What he has to go through does not match in any way what the Brazilian Grimm writes. And Canadians are in a different league as to Brazilians.
For me he is plainly lying.

When we say that someone is lying, we should have some sort of proof or it becomes disrespectful, in my defence, I ask:
What do you mean by I'm lying? What do you mean by different league? Do you want me to scan my ID and post it here? I posted a piece of useful information, you post a response of discriminating BS. You know, your pal Adolf Hitler also thought that some people were in a different league and almost wiped out this beautiful cultural country which I decided to live in. By the way, I DECIDED TO LIVE HERE. I got Polish citizenship for the mere reason to facilitate my life here. I'm an Architect, I graduated in the UK, I didn't come here to run a Kebab shop or to have a McJob. I import and sell 20 tons of Brazilian coffee a month. What about you? Apart from criticizing and having lame friends that can't understand the rules and laws of a country, what have you done so far? It's sad what some people say. That just shows your low level of hope in the future. Are you one of those who says that life is brutal? For the Hans Christian Andersen part, it's been translated in 56 languages. How many of them can you read? Have a nice day.

Ps: my ID was issued in may 2011.

wawa_marek 1 | 129
17 Apr 2012 #76
Rodrgo, dont't care. You are just a citizen of Poland. Wish you a good luck!
Rodrigo - | 9
18 Apr 2012 #77
Were you asked to give up your Brazilian citizenship or they didn't mention it in the documents?

There was no mentioning on giving up my Brazilian citizenship, as far as I'm concerned, it depends on one's country of origin if one is allowed to have dual citizenship or not, I have a Russian friend who had to give up his Russian citizenship, apparently Russians can't have dual citizenship.
grspring 11 | 56
8 Oct 2013 #78
Merged: Polish Citizenship Process - submitting the application in the US or Poland?

My wife has the citizenship paperwork translated and ready to take to the Embassy in New York. We are going a year from now for a long stay (Year or two). We have a place to live (we own), documented income and savings. We would need to purchase health insurance upon arrival as ours will not cover us in Europe.

Does anyone think it better to submit the application in the United States or wait till we arrive in Poland and submit it there (We will be in Krakow)? Since we do not know how long the process takes would it also be advisable to apply for a long stay visa (more than 90 days). I will need a long stay visa anyway because I am not applying for citizenship. The basis of my request would be so my wife and I could stay together.

It is not a problem but the application fee has more than doubled plus an additional processing fee has been added. Was there a reason other than just getting more money (too many applications, false requests,etc).

Replies to questions from the Embassy have been slow and we are trying to gather as much information as possible as fast as possible.
8 Oct 2013 #79
You can call medicover which cooperates with Damian insurance also they charge 5400 pln or so for best plan. I can vouch for there services
8 Oct 2013 #80
hi, I am a non Eu citizen and im in a relation with my boyfriend ( polish ) for 2 years outside of Poland. we decide to get married but we don't want to live in Poland, if i can get the citizenship of Poland without living there or not.

to be citizenship and take a polish passport, should i do a test of polish language?
Thank you in advance.
8 Oct 2013 #81
if i can get the citizenship of Poland without living there

You cannot get Polish citizenship without living here (I think it's for three years with only a certain number of days outside Poland but I'd need to double check that number of years).
8 Oct 2013 #82
Are wanting a VISA or resident permit? We are US living here and we were told we could not do any resident permit until we moved here to Poland 2 years ago. It took us about 4.5 months for us to finally get our resident card as well as 5 or 6 trips to city hall for more paperwork that they wanted, or missing signatures. It was a headache! But we have it and you will have to reapply after 1 year year all over again. We got a 2 year one the first time luckily because of my husbands work contract and us fighting with them because we have 5 in our family and it would cost us like 1500 zlotys each year for those cards! If you are US citizen all our your documents will have to be official translated as well to Polish for the application process.
DominicB - | 2,709
9 Oct 2013 #83
It took us about 4.5 months for us to finally get our resident card as well as 5 or 6 trips to city hall for more paperwork that they wanted, or missing signatures. It was a headache! But we have it and you will have to reapply after 1 year year all over again.

I had to put up with that for five years before I got my permanent residency. I still have nightmares about it, six years on. It's a harrowing, expensive and humiliating experience.
9 Oct 2013 #84
grspring: Is your wife of polish descent? and are you sure you mean your wife wants to apply for citizenship not residency?

As if not I can't see why your wife would be applying, on what grounds would she be applying?
grspring 11 | 56
9 Oct 2013 #85
My wife is of Polish descent. Both parents were born in Poland. Both her father and uncle are WWII Polish army veterans. Her father was part of The Battle of Monte Cassino and her uncle after being freed by the Russians was part of the RAF. They became displaced persons at the end of the war.

According to the Embassy she is already a Polish citizen but has to submit proper supporting documents for certification.

We have been informed by the Embassy that if we are in Poland and her application is not completed within the 90 day stay she can apply for an extension. At that point however I would have to leave the country. There is no regulation to allow me to stay while she waits.
7 Jan 2014 #86
You cannot become a Polish citizen by just marrying. You have to get married, and live in Poland for 3 years. Then you may get a citizenship. If you are married and you live outside of Poland, there is no chance.
Vugah - | 3
25 Feb 2014 #87
Merged: Acquiring Polish Citizenship whilst living outside of Poland?

Hi everyone, i have been married to a Polish for 4 years, we live in Cyprus and have never lived in Poland, Can someone please tell me what is the criteria and process of acquiring a Polish passport. Is this possible while living out of Poland or must we have to move to Poland and for how long? Your answers on experience will be highly appreciated.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Feb 2014 #88
basically you have to live in Poland over 4 or 5 years and meet other conditions
gjene 14 | 204
25 Feb 2014 #89
While you are living outside of Poland your chances of acquiring Polish citizenship is next to nil. Your best bet is to relocate to Poland for at least 5 years.Sounds like a bit of a difficult hoop to go through, but that is one option. Check with the nearest Polish embassy or consulate to make sure what the rulings are before you actually move. They may be able to properly inform you what needs to be done and what kind of paperwork will also be needed.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
25 Feb 2014 #90
But without having a permanent residence status, even starting that procedure would be useless - I think.

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