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zraniłem się w + Polish accusative?

kgoess 8 | 11
6 Jan 2013 #1
Rosetta Stone is telling me to use "zraniłem się w" followed by a noun in the accusative/biernik. Is that right? Not the locative/miejscownik?

For instance, "Ona zraniła się w rękę." She hurt herself on the arm.

Wiktionary doesn't mention that:

w (with locative)
1. in
w (with accusative)
1, on (time/date)

That's correct? It's accusative and not "ręce"?
Lenka 3 | 2,810
6 Jan 2013 #2
"Ona zraniła się w rękę."

That's the correct version

It's accusative and not "ręce"?

The word rence in this sentence could be used only if she hurt bith her hands.
gumishu 11 | 5,857
6 Jan 2013 #3
The word rence


w ręce - in one's hand - locative
w rękę - in(to) one's hand - accusative - when there is movement involved like in(to), onto you always use accusative

it's similar in German:

- in (den) Kino - dative - in cinema
ins (=in+das) Kino - accusative - into cinema
Lenka 3 | 2,810
6 Jan 2013 #4

Now I'm embarrassed.I have a fever but that doesn't explain that horrible mistake.Thanks Gumishu for pointing that out.
gumishu 11 | 5,857
6 Jan 2013 #5
hope you get better soon Lenka :)
Lenka 3 | 2,810
6 Jan 2013 #6
Thanks :)
Ziemowit 13 | 4,534
6 Jan 2013 #7
That's correct? It's accusative and not "ręce"?

"Ręce" would be Dative or Locative, and not Accusative (as already pointed out). But beware of the declension of "ręka". The noun has some archaic forms which are directly inherited from the ancient Dual (neither Singular nor Plural) number.

1. Ence, pence, w której ręce? (Locative)
2. Mam cię w ręku! (Locative as well!, but originally meant to say "I keep you with my both hands/I can control you on something" (the Dual number form that has survived until today, even if the Dual ceased to exist in Polish some 200 years ago).
kcharlie 2 | 165
6 Jan 2013 #8
Zraniłem się + accusative. Yup.

Zraniłem się w nogę (singular)
Zraniłem się w nogi (plural)

Zraniłem się w rękę (singular)
Zraniłem się w ręce (plural)

The declension of ręce is weird.

ręce is the singular locative and dative and plural nominative and accusative of ręka.

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