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Windows XP Polish Font help needed

the little polish deli
4 Apr 2006 #1
Hi Guys and girls, the little polish deli here needing some help. We are building a website but we want to also write on the pages in Polish, does anyone know where we can get the Polish alphabet font from without changing my keyboard. Please take a look at our site as I try to update it daily, have a good one and keep smiling .

Catch you soon
Beata and Mark
4 Apr 2006 #2
The simpliest method is to get a MS Word and in the main menu choose:

1. Insert
2. Symbol...
3. In the Symbols Font: select (normal text)
4. Find the Polish letters and make shortcut keys.

When uploading a file make sure to put this code on every web page in the HEADER section of the page:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-2">
OP the little polish deli
4 Apr 2006 #3
Thanks for that Wojt, didn't expect a reply straight away, ok found it but cannot seem to make shortcut keys, think i'll have to get Beata to write in ink for me to find them.
4 Apr 2006 #4
You make shortcut keys for your convenience (so that you don't have to go to insert, symbol, etc.) every time you want a Polish letter. To make a shortcut key first select (highlight) the Polish letter, then click on the "Shortcut Key..." button, "press new shortcut key" (for example for the letter "ą" choose Alt+a - first press the button "Alt" and then the letter a). Then click on the assign button and you're done. Now everytime you click Alt + the letter "a" - the Polish letter "ą" should appear.
5 Apr 2006 #5
also make sure you have at least MS Word 2000 and have it fully installed...
OP the little polish deli
15 Apr 2006 #6
Thanks for the help both of you and I look forward to seeing you in the shop some time
13 Dec 2006 #7
[Moved from]: Polish Font files

Can anyone tell me where I can get a free download of Polish alphabet TTF files?
Alternatively can anyone send me a copy of some TTF files for the Polish alphabet?
hello 22 | 890
13 Dec 2006 #8
In Polish "Polish fonts" is "Polskie fonty" (fonts is fonty). You may go to google and enter it to find some sites (mostly in Polish though).
22 Jan 2008 #9
I have a similar problem.
I use swishmax2 to make a web page with Polish letters.
In my Microsoft Word, it works well, such as Ą = alt+0260
with html is okay also.
But in swishmax, it does not work.
F15guy 1 | 160
27 Jan 2008 #10
Thanks. This information on key assignment in Word has been a really big help.
Is there a similiar key assignment available in Outlook Express for emails or do I have to
write it in Word and copy paste to Outlook Express?
27 Jan 2008 #11
One really easy way to get over all the problems is to install a MS OFFICE POLISH LANGUAGE PACK and then switch between between interfaces.

Whoops, just realised you wouldn't be able to read the Polish interface.

Oh well if anyone wishes to get one I know where and how to get them for free, just PM me :O)
paczka 1 | 63
1 Feb 2008 #12
Ą ą Ć ć Ę ę £ ł Ń ń Ó ó Ś ś - ź Ż ż - here, I am so generous, take as many as you want.
osiol 55 | 3,921
1 Feb 2008 #13
Carol Vordermann comes to mind.
posith - | 11
24 Feb 2008 #14
1. From Start menu, select Settings then Control Panel.
2. Start Regional Options.
3. Click on Languages tab.
4. Click Details..
5. Click Add and choose Polish (programers) , not polish(214) !!

Now you can choose between English Keyborad Layout and Polish Keyboard Layout to use in Windows.
Polish letter:
ALT+l = ł
ALT+C = Ć etc..

translated from Polish WinXP so not every word may be accurate.
I hope it helps a little.

24 Feb 2008 #16

oh i have you (avatar) on my msn emoticons :)
F15guy 1 | 160
4 Mar 2008 #17
As Posith indicates, adding the Polish language is the best thing to do because you then can have the Polish alphabet available in virtually all programs. MS Work, Excel, etc.

Also, you can switch back and forth in the middle of document between languages.

There is a good article written by Grzegorz Jagodziński about setting this up at: - Polish Keyboard Drivers

In addition to using the Alt key, you can also use the ~ key (tilde) followed by a to get ą and so forth.
bleu - | 2
21 Apr 2009 #18
Beata and Mark --' I am on a similar search for a friend. He has even considered buying a computer from Poland. For a Polish web page the MS word option hasn't worked for me. I need the font to be Polish in the notepad. And easy to type. Mr. Jagodyinski's article is a little too deep for me but I will pass it on to somebody more knowledgeable. Meanwhile, are there any easy solutions for somebody who wants to have a Polish web page? Everybody I have asked is cursing the difficulty. thanks!
F15guy 1 | 160
22 Apr 2009 #19
I need the font to be Polish in the notepad.

Spend $50 and have your local computer repair shop or dealer install the Polish Language set. Or do it yourself. It is very easy. Go to Microsoft help from your Start Menu and input "language."

This is what it says:

"To switch languages or keyboards from the taskbar

Open Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.

On the Languages tab, under Text services and input languages, click Details.

Under Preferences, click Language Bar.

In the Language Bar Settings dialog box, select the Show additional Language bar icons in the Notification area check box.

Click OK three times.

Click the language icon or the keyboard icon on the taskbar to display a menu.
Click a language or keyboard."
bleu - | 2
29 Apr 2009 #20
Dear F15guy '' thanks. I am in europe right now and have just ordered a polish keyboard through a friend, that should make it easier I hope. I remember last time our computer was set up for Polish (the settings were lost) I had to get help and PAID for it of course because in trying to do it myself i had screwed up some settings. Anyway, if this works I will let you know.
3 Aug 2009 #21
Thank you. That was really helpful. For someone like me, who doesn't need to use these letters all the time, it's much easier to paste this list at the top of my Word document and then cut and paste each letter as I need it. Sounds like a lot of work, but again, I'm only using it sporadically. I'm going to really impress my relatives!

I meant to thank paczka for the info!!! Sorry - new to this site.
9 Mar 2010 #22
Hey Wojt,
You are a lifesaver! I've been using my laptop for a year and never knew it had the Polish font on it. I need it urgently to do some random translation, and your post has saved the day.

Bless you and many thanks!!
Ani :)
12 Aug 2011 #23

You rock!

Thank you!
15 Mar 2013 #24
dzienki bardzo (no diacritical marks there!)
Lenka 5 | 3,403
15 Mar 2013 #25
Actually Dzięki bardzo

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