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Wbijać, Wpadać, Filutka usage and translation?

Buckeye 1 | 3
14 Mar 2017 #1
I need assistance with translation and intended meaning of some conversations. I have a Polish girlfriend, who finds it fun to supplement my learning of Polish by sending me slang messages or gossip screenshots of conversations with typical typos.

Wpadać? - To Fall (assuming saying fall into me, sleep together, hook up? when sent as just this one word message)

Wbijać - Hammer/Pierce (assume slang to have sex, i.e. she's saying come over and hammer her)
jak nie będę spała można wbijać.
"if I do not sleep, you can pierce." (i.e. I'm not sleeping, we're having sex?)

Is this correct context for the words above?

Asked her for some phrases a guy to a girl and she gave me this.. (she left the last word short for extra fun)
To dawaj do mnie do Filutka na god...
"Give it to me on the sly girl.." (what does this imply coming from a man to a women in Poland)

a ty potem będziesz ze znowu odwalam."odwalam," doesn't come up in any dictionary.
"and you then you will again odwalam."

The literal meaning on google translate just doesn't cut it lol.. She is originally from Krakow.

Dzięki. Doceniam!
Bobini - | 1
14 Mar 2017 #2
Wpadać - to come to one's place;
Wbijać = wpadać;
Odwalać - to behave like crazy.

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