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Ways of Learning Polish (courses, lessons)

20 Aug 2006 #1
Can anyone tell me if the courses given by the Polish Cultural Institute (London) are any good, or would you advice private lessons which are more expensive. Want to give myself a challenge to listen/speak Polish. It seems so difficult don't know where to start.

rafik 18 | 589
20 Aug 2006 #2
forget about expensive courses or private lessons.find a polish friend (preferably girlfriend:) ) who doesn't speak english or doesn't speak much.u will learn very friend from new zealand(born in poland but rised in new zealand-didn't speak polish when he came to the uk last year) meet his polish girlfriend 8 months ago and now is fluent in polish(she still doesn't speak english:)and....they r getting married next week
20 Aug 2006 #3
A friend certainly helps a great amount, good for explaining and the parts of language you'll never get from any book and just have to be around. But so does self-study to supplement. Books or the website for the U Pittsburgh program are incredibly well done.
krysia 23 | 3,057
20 Aug 2006 #4
But be careful what your Polish friend teaches you. Besides laughing her head off when you say Polish tounge twisters, make sure what she tells you is what it actually is.

I know. I've done that.
OP Sasiad
20 Aug 2006 #5
Fantastic all the reply:)

I had two polish girlfriends in the last 8 year and know that's the the best way to learn the language, have been over to your country many times and learned some words/frases, sadly last relation is in the fridge at the moment for a reason I dunno, maybe sometimes man never understand women and the same the other way round:) Back to the subject, I wanna learn the language so!!!!! looks promising to start together with the books from Barbara Bartnicka and this website if you want to help me out so now and then:) :)

21 Aug 2006 #6
are there any websites wat tell you english to polish words like hello or goodbye
21 Aug 2006 #7
I'd definately say a Polish friend helps, books and dvd's are bit lacking
24 Apr 2007 #8
Go to in Brooklyn N.Y. and they sell DVD on learning Polish. I am going to buy them as I want to learn pPolish

16 May 2007 #9
IMHO the best way to learn Polish is to start learning a languageis to go to Poland, preferably Krakow and enroll on a course. That's what I did last year – it was a 2-week stay where they teach you Polish (check out It was very motivating when they take you on different trips, show you strange and beautiful places in the city, organize lessons in pubs etc. It's not only about learning the language but more about getting to know the culture, really – that's why it was such fun and encouragement for further study. I think that during those 2 weeks I learnt a lot more than a person studying for, say, 2 months in a regular course. It was, like I said, because of the culture but I also owe a lot to my Polish host – a nice Polish student (even though he wasn't free :( )...
sledz 23 | 2,250
16 May 2007 #10

Thats sounds really cool but unfortunately not everybody can just go to Poland.

I`ve been learning at my own pace plus I have friends that have been helping me.
dannyboy 18 | 248
16 May 2007 #11
are there any websites wat tell you english to polish words like hello or goodbye

Thats a good start

This is very good imo

Download the free BYKI polish tutorials - I bought the full version.

A word of warning, Polish is magnificently difficult due to cases, think latin with difficult pronounciation for a beginner
17 May 2007 #12
Yep, sledz... And that's a shame :( Finding a pen pal is a good solution if you can't go to Poland... When you're advanced enough to have a conversation (even about the weather) it is great fun when you can chat in Polish on the internet. It's best to have someone who'll learn your language so you both can benefit. Having a Polish-speaking pen pal is a great motivation and might also provie an opportunity to go to Poland someday.

Anyone has a Polish pen pal?
sledz 23 | 2,250
17 May 2007 #13
Download the free BYKI polish tutorials - I bought the full version.

I have that program also, I like it.
Rosetta Stone is pretty good but a little expensive..

Anyone has a Polish pen pal?

That sounds like a good idea Estrella,
I`m kinda of lucky to be in Chicago theres alot of Polish people I know that live here.

Someday I`ll go to Poland for vacation, I definitely want to be fluent in the lang.
29 Jun 2007 #14
Can anyone tell me where I could learn Polish for free ? I'm 1/4 Polish and I'm really interested in learning the Polish language. My friends think I'm really weird but I don't think so!!

Polish People are awsome!!!

Yak shamosh? = How are you ?
z_darius 14 | 3,968
19 Oct 2007 #15
Can anyone tell me where I could learn Polish for free ? I'm 1/4 Polish and I'm really interested in learning the Polish language.

With 1/4 Polish background you can only get a 25% discount ;-)
11 Nov 2007 #16
To all !!!

The Hyman Pinckus school of proper polish it taking applications for the winter semester.
Whew my polish wife has told me a lot of the spellings and wordings leave much to be desired (but all poked in fun). Who you ask am I to comment on such a terribly important situtation? I am Polish through injection!!!! Nas droWOWie!!! (and if it is spelled wrong- have another drink!!!!!!!!).
sconsinite - | 1
18 Jan 2010 #17
Jan 18, 10, 21:54 - Thread attached on merging:
What are some ways to become a better Polish speaker and fluent?

I live in Milwaukee, WI and I would like to learn Polish. Not much of my family knows the Polish language anymore so I can't go to the family, what are some ways?
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
18 Jan 2010 #18
Hello sconsinite,

And welcome to the Polish Forums.

There is a lot of information on learning Polish on this site.
Use the search box in the top right hand of this page to search through the site, using key words, to find what you are looking for.

This should help to get you started :
Good luck!
jules9800601 - | 2
14 Feb 2011 #19
i would take private lessons as learning from listening to someone & conversations are the best. i am a scottish woman & my husband is polish, after a yr of listening to conversations using polish 101 on youtube i can now isolate some conversation & know what it means unfortunately i do not speak much polish but im still learning little amounts by watching favourite films with polish subs or with lektor which is a bit hard but its all coming along nicely. hope this helps
17 Jul 2014 #20
Merged: Learning Polish

Hi, I have a long term Polish girlfriend and am looking for recommended ways to learn the Polish language so I can interact with her family who speak very little English.

We've tried for her to teach me, but it's not working. I tend to get hung up on the pronunciation (or my inability to get my tongue around the words correctly), and then she starts laughing and I end up embarrassed and giving up. So I've decided I need to find another way. Are there any recommended tools for learning such as online training courses or would you recommend a course or private lessons. I'm based near Watford in North London.

peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
18 Jul 2014 #21
I'm learning English by watching youtubers. I choose things that interest me much as cars, electronics, what guarantee not boring me after 5 minutes.

It took months for me to remember how to pronounce awesome and unavailable ;) I think the only way is to repeat after native speaker zillion times per day until you unlock your tongue.

This guy recommends listening to the radio and reading aloud:

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