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Neil63 6 | 57
22 Feb 2011 #1
Hi, Can anyone recomend a good Polish voice recognition software programme for Windows Vista 32Bit. My Polish girlfriend is trying to write up her University papers which is taking a long time. I was trying to find a good voice recognition software that will work in Microsoft Word. I know that Windows Vista has a good basic voice recognition programme but I understand that it does not include the Polish language.

Any help would be great
Dande - | 5
23 Feb 2011 #2
My recommendation would be to avoid using voice recognition software at all cost when writing University papers. From my past experiences with voice recognition software in English, which is my native language, I've found them to be terrible, unpredictable, and a waste of time. Being a recent college grad, I've also spent many hours writing reports and papers and could never imagine using voice recognition software for them. Papers are often very complex, need a lot of revision before turning in, and 99% of the voice recognition features would only add to the time it takes to complete them. Also, the point of writing reports and papers is to further the students understanding of the subject and that is by nature time consuming.

If it's her typing ability that is slowing her down, the best bet would be to take a typing class or practice typing regularly. Given the age we live in typing well is a necessity.

This is not the answer that you may have wanted, but from my personal experiences it's the best way to go.
8 Feb 2012 #3
You mean "speech recognition" and rather not "voice recognition", don't you? nieprawdaĊĵ?
10 Feb 2012 #4
Both are valid, qqq.

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