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Vocabulary: rasowy

Ksysia 25 | 430
5 Feb 2010 #1
Let's clear that one:

we all know the 'race' in English means something like a subspecies of humans and they are graded, from 'best' to 'worst'.

In Polish, we have:

From PWN:
1. «dotyczący rasy ludzkiej» - RACIAL; regarding a human race
2. «o zwierzętach: należący do jakiejś rasy» - PEDIGREE; animals belonging to a breed
3. «mający wszelkie cechy charakterystyczne dla przedstawicieli jakiejś grupy zawodowej lub społecznej» - SPECIFIC; having all the characteristics of a member of trade or social group.

rasowy dziennikarz, rasowy wędkarz - race journalist, race angler

Just to puzzle you.

Next time when you're posting something about race on the forum, and thinking that Poles must be racist with their slacking attitude to racial respect, you may remember to check this entry.

Rasowy means simply - specific, characteristic.

That is, if we boil down to the meaning.

Steps have been taken to instill the idea of raciality, racism and what not; Poles had begun using those ideas, but you can bet there is a wide gap in understanding, since it's not present in our history. Give me religious conflict any time - racial is not so easy to comprehend.
gumishu 13 | 6,064
5 Feb 2010 #2
Rasowy means simply - specific, characteristic.

or archetypical - or whatever English name to that effect :)
OP Ksysia 25 | 430
5 Feb 2010 #3
yes :) Thanks, gumishu

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