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When to use biernik? When to use dopełniacz... Narzędnik?

kolechowicz 3 | 4
9 Aug 2013 #1
Dzień dobry! I have been studying Polish language and am quite confused about the many cases.
I have learned nominative, narzędnik, biernik and dopełniacz. However, I don't know when I am supposed to use each.

If I am giving any sentence in English and need to translate it into Polish, I will have no clue which form to use!

Is there an easy explanation to help me?

Dziękuje bardzo!
DominicB - | 2,709
9 Aug 2013 #2
No there is no easy distinction. learning how to use them correctly is difficult even for advanced students and takes a lot of study and practice. These cases are all explained in detail in grammars of the Polish language, like Oscar Swan's. He has put a short version of his grammar on his website here:
normalnyfacet - | 31
9 Aug 2013 #3
Here is a brief rundown of the usage for each one (this is my website, which I haven't touched for ages, if native speakers would let me know if there are any errors please) - Accusative Case - Biernik - Genitive Case - Dopełniacz - Instrumental Case - Narzędnik
Jimmu 2 | 157
23 Aug 2013 #4
Thanks for the link.

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