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The usage of: oboje, obaj, oba, obie

arnaud 4 | 3
31 May 2008 #1
I understand when to use obaj, oba, obie but I have trouble with oboje. The Słownik PWN claims oboje is only used for persons ("używany wyłącznie w odniesieniu do dwu osób różnej płci i do dwojga dzieci"), but then again one says "oboje drzwi" and not "obie/oba drzwi". What's the rule?

Seanus 15 | 19,704
31 May 2008 #2
Oboje is for a man and a woman together. Sorry, my knowledge goes no deeper than that
z_darius 14 | 3,968
31 May 2008 #3
it is also used in reference to children, regardless of their gender.
OP arnaud 4 | 3
1 Jun 2008 #4
Well yes, that's what the dictionary says, but in the "drzwi" case, there are neither a man and a woman, nor children.
floyd6 - | 7
2 Jun 2008 #5
zbiór dwu jednostek, tj. osób różnej płci, dzieci, młodych zwierząt lub (rzadko) przedmiotów, których nazwy mają tylko liczbę mnogą;

it's used for a collection of two entities of both genders, children, small animals or (rarely) objects which have only a plural form (e.g. drzwi, spodnie, nożyce, sanie etc)

mind you, "oboje" is also the plural form of "obój" (=oboe) :D
osiol 55 | 3,922
2 Jun 2008 #6
What kind of "oboje" should I use if I want to say "To toaleta i to krzaki"?
Catz - | 9
2 Jun 2008 #7
You can use "obie", "oboje" etc when both entities are described with one word. You can't use it to describe one entity that has two names or functions.

Maybe you could say "to ma obie cechy: toaleta i krzaki".

I suppose you want to translate something like "It is both a toilet and a bush".

You could say "to zarówno toaleta (jak) i krzaki", "to jednocześnie toaleta (jak) i krzaki".
28 Apr 2010 #8
osiol, for "toaleta" and "krzaki" you can say "dwie toalety" and "dwa krzaki". Toalety and krzaki are countable, from "toaleta" and "krzak"(=bush:)

regards from Kraków:)
chaza 50 | 253
23 Jun 2010 #9
hi there
would it not be correct to say that 'oba, obaj' is like saying' i like both of these'.
and obydwoje is like saying i like both of you.

fuzzmeister - | 1
23 Feb 2012 #10
Merged: Obaj, obie, oboje, oba

This is one of the few grammar points that I just can't get to grips with and I can't seem to find a clear explanation on the internet. Basically if someone could just explain to me when to use each one I would be very grateful!
23 Feb 2012 #11
obaj - both males
obie - both females
oboje - both male and female
oba - both things (neutral nouns)
24 Feb 2012 #12
You've over-simplified things. In fact your advice is wrong.

obaj - both males

Park is a masculine noun, but you CANNOT say *obaj parki
Obaj is used by all masculine personal nouns (rzeczowniki męskoosobowe in Polish), used only for describing people.
ex: obaj nauczyciele, obaj panowie, obaj Polacy, obaj koledzy

obie - both females

This is correct. Obie is used for all female nouns (rzeczowniki żeńskie in Polish).
ex: obie nauczycielki, obie panie, obie Polki, obie koleżanki, obie książki

oboje - both male and female

This is over-simplified. You use oboje when there is a group of two people, one male, one female. It's also politically correct to say for example: oboje studentów instead of obaj studenci, because you're not specifying that the two students are masculine.

Also oboje is used with nouns such as drzwi (door), spodnie (pants), nożyce (scissors), sanie (sled) that have no singular form and always appear in the plural, even though the meaning is singular. In grammar these are known by the Latin term pluralia tantum.

One last usage for oboje is for young beings (mostly animals)
ex: oboje kurcząt (chicks), oboje kociąt (kittens), oboje dzieci (children)

Note that in all instances of oboje + a noun the noun is in the Genitive case (dopełniacz), whereas obaj/obie/oba + noun the noun is in the Nominative (mianownik)

oba - both things (neutral nouns)

This is half right. Oba is used only for neuter (neutral is incorrect) nouns not described above. ex: oba drzewa (trees), oba imiona (names).

It's also used for masculine non-personal nouns. ex: oba koty (cats), oba widelce (forks), oba budynki (buildings)
ladykangaroo - | 165
24 Feb 2012 #13
Park is a masculine noun, but you CANNOT say *obaj parki

And since when "park" is a "male"? ;)
noreenb 7 | 557
24 Feb 2012 #14
just "we" is like: obaj, oboje, oba, obydwaj
or: "both of you" sounds better
26 Feb 2012 #15
And since when "park" is a "male"? ;)

Ten park... Gramatically it is a masculine noun.

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