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Translation please from written note, Polish to English.

hokimo 1 | -
18 May 2016 #1
I have a written note I would like translating please, I feel my partner has something to hide, my gut feeling is telling me something. I asked her about it and i feel she lied. could someone confirm what it says please.

link to image..

I know its hard to read, I understood a little that is why I am suspicous, Thank you
Looker - | 1,107
18 May 2016 #2
This is a note to a dentist in Poland - I guess a complain letter. She met first her old familiar dentist (Klara name) who told her go to the other dentist to which this note is written. It's not clear, but maybe some unfinished tooth treatment took place.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,533
18 May 2016 #3
Your gut feeling was telling you that you needed to have your teeth seen by a dentist, too.

Home / Language / Translation please from written note, Polish to English.
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