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How many tenses and cases in Polish?

NoToForeigners 9 | 994
16 Feb 2019 #31
Never said my English is any good. You said you speak Polish though... Yet u cant even type it, AHAHAHAHAHA
Your Polish is Goggle Translate lvl yet u claim u know it lololol
pawian 223 | 24,567
16 Feb 2019 #32
Hello, can anybody tell me how many tenses

Hmm, shortly speaking, in English terminology, Poles use: Present, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Future Simple and Future Continuous.
The difference between Simple and Continuous is called completed and uncompleted.

For Present tense the time reference is provided with proper adverbs of time:
Ja piję mleko means both I drink milk and I am drinking milk. Therefore, Poles add teraz as now and każdego dnia as every day to show the difference..
Lyzko 45 | 9,480
17 Feb 2019 #33
Of course I can speak Polish.

By that definition, your English is scarcely perfect, ergo, that makes my Polish more than acceptable....admitted errors and all!


At least in the second example sentence, there's some pretense at affecting proper style, not your typical agglutination of swear words masquerading
as American English, a ploy so typical of Poles attempting to speak English and "impress" foreigners with their brash, blatant show of meaningless vulgarity!

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