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swinia - worse than a pig

21 Jul 2013 #1
My Polish grandmother used an expression that sounded like "swinia svashkudna" when she meant that someone or something was really worse than a pig. Does anyone know the phrase and spelling? Thanks!
Zazulka 3 | 129
21 Jul 2013 #2
świnia paskudna = disgusting pig
Zibi - | 336
21 Jul 2013 #3
Yep, that's it
OP Min
21 Jul 2013 #4
Dziękuję! I really love this language!
OP Min
30 Sep 2013 #5
Here is another my mother used to say when she meant "I don't know," or, "What do I know?" that sounds like non-yev-yem. I can't find the translation so help is welcome. Thank you!
30 Sep 2013 #6
sounds like non-yev-yem.

No nie wiem.
Well I don't know.

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