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4 Nov 2016 #1
Hello there ~forum-users~ (first time posting here btw),
I'd really like to get some help with polish swearing words and sentences, for I'm not a native English speaker and I want to surprise my polish friends.

There's only one problem: usually people give me the standard things such as "ty kurwo", "spierdalaj", etc.
But I'd like to get sentences not being said very often such as "jebiesz jeże", "lubisz to mała suko, "trzymaj się swojego fiuta", giving the surprising effect :D.

It's female > polish males (not familiar enough with the polish language to know if that'd make a huge difference in the grammar or the sentences).

Thank you!!
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
4 Nov 2016 #2
Ahemm, to recognize such vulgar language is fine. However, you might do more than "surprise" your friends by actually using them.
A word of caution; "swearing words" in other languages frequently carry a great deal more weight than they do in English!!
OP Naenna
4 Nov 2016 #3
Yes, yes, I know! I only say it to my friends as a joke because we usually have a good laugh about it (my accent is rubbish haha)
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
4 Nov 2016 #4
Didn't mean to rain on your parade, Naenna!

I speak other languages (some with accentLOL!!) and have found as a foreigner that the effect of using unexpectedly "strong" slang can make people feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes. Other times, it can backfire badly:-)))

Just use those words you posted SPARINGLY, or you'll surely not sound like a native Polish speaker at all.

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