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ssać - please conjugate

tonykenny 18 | 131
18 Feb 2009 #1

I'm learning a list i found of the '55 most common verbs in any language'. One of these is ssać but this is not in my 301 Polish verbs, which I thought would contain the most common, but hey, I guess scholars disagree on which are important.

Anyway, I'm assuming that ssać is not a regular verb and I can't turn it to ssam ssasz etc.. so please, how do I create the other forms of this verb?

Thanks in advance

JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
18 Feb 2009 #2
1. ssam
2. ssasz
3. ssa

1. ssamy
2. ssacie
3. ssają
OP tonykenny 18 | 131
18 Feb 2009 #3
Wow, that was fast! thank you.
So it is a regular verb :)

Can you add the imperative please? :)
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
18 Feb 2009 #4
1. -
2. ssij
3. only comes with niech: niech ssie

1. -
2. ssijcie
3. niech ssają
19 Feb 2009 #5
How can suck be one of the most common verbs? Mothers concentrating too much on babies?
OP tonykenny 18 | 131
19 Feb 2009 #6
My girlfriend had a similar argument saying that with my character it's only potential use was, ahem, behind closed doors.

I'm thinking, straws, vacuum cleaners, plug holes... not really many days I use the verb suck. Still it was in this list and I'll learn it. Just a few thousand more words to go...
19 Feb 2009 #7
Just to add to your confusion: there is also WYssać :)
OP tonykenny 18 | 131
19 Feb 2009 #8
a perfective or to 'suck out' ?
Krzysztof 2 | 973
19 Feb 2009 #9
1. ssam
2. ssasz
3. ssa
1. ssamy
2. ssacie
3. ssają

I disagree,

Present tense
1. ssę
2. ssiesz
3. ssie
1. ssiemy
2. ssiecie
3. ssą

3. person plural
niech ssą (other forms given by JustysiaS are correct)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
19 Feb 2009 #10
Krzysztof is right here. I know this verb ;)
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
20 Feb 2009 #11
i've found an interesting article - ssę czy ssam? and even though ssę and so on is the version a dictionary will give you, people in Poland use ssam. i don't think i ever even used ssę ha ha. ssam, ssasz etc. are the commonly used versions which is quite funny considering they are supposed to be wrong.

Krzysztof is right here. I know this verb ;)

yeah right, didn't see you rush over here with the *proper* conjugation when the question was first asked. nobody else complained about it until Krzysztof did, then you pop up and say "i knew it". pffft.
Krzysztof 2 | 973
21 Feb 2009 #12
people in Poland use ssam.

It's regional, I guess.
I'm from central Poland and I always use 'ssę', 'ssie' etc.
There are some verbs with different endings ("-ę" / "-am" opposition in 1st person singular) depending on the area where they are used, for example:

depczę - deptam
głaszczę - głaskam
I've been using "depczę", "głaszczę" for the most of my life, then living in Wielkopolska I found out that the forms like "deptam", "głaskam" are correct too (because at first I thought it's a common mistake in Poznań :)
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
22 Feb 2009 #13
common mistake

it looks like it in the case of ssam/ssę. i tested my friend from southern Poland and asked what was the 1st person singular of ssać and she said ssam as well. when i told her about ssę she said she's never heard about it lol. Polish is a funky language and even the natives get confused :)
25 May 2010 #14
I agree with Krzysztof. I would say

ja ssę
ty ssiesz
on ssie

my ssiemy
wy ssiecie
oni ssą

perfective / dokonany: wyssać

Maybe it's a bit late, but still...
28 May 2010 #15
An elderly gentleman from the Ukraine once corrected me most vehemently regarding yet another verb: I said "RozumieM", and he chimed in immediately "RozumiĘ"!!

Might he have been guilty of first-language interference from his native Ukrainian?

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