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chaza 50 | 253
9 Jul 2010 #1
what is the corredt usage for poznawać and spotykać. they both mean to meet, butn in what context.


Sildar - | 34
9 Jul 2010 #2
Spotykać = when you met someone you know it the club for example
Poznawać = when you meet someone for the first time
Seanus 15 | 19,706
9 Jul 2010 #3
I'd also say that spotykać is more than once whereas spotkać (which takes się) is once.

E.g Często się spotykamy = We meet each other often

Spotkamy się w piątek = We are meeting on Friday
cinek 2 | 346
9 Jul 2010 #4
Poznać = to get to know

PolishWoman - | 8
9 Jul 2010 #5
Spotykać - to see someone, eg. I'm seeing my friend in an hour.

Poznawać - when people are introduced to each other and get to know each other

spotykać, poznawać - it is an iterative, repeated occurence of the same action

spotkać, poznać - one-occurence of the action, the action is completed
Seanus 15 | 19,706
9 Jul 2010 #6
Think of spotykać of being like the present continuous in English. I am meeting my friend. Not in the sense of a continuous action we are doing now but more a fixed arrangement.

It contains perfective and imperfective when you introduce spotkać.

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