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The 'sneeze' word - it has double meaning in Polish??

3 Sep 2015 #1
Hi there

Has the word 'sneeze' or the act of sneezing any double meaning in polish language?
Since a couple of weeks ago, my work colleagues, all of them poles, tell me that I never sneeze, or jokes related with not sneezing...

Is that only a joke or is it something more?

Thanks in advance :)
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3 Sep 2015 #2
sneeze = kichać in Polish. This language is known for different meanings of words, but 'kichać' don't belong to that group in my opinion. The only related term in use in Poland is the adjective 'zakichany' which describes something as poor/sick/weak/bad...

I don't know any joke connected to that word and it's not easy for me to understand why those people would have any fun about not sneezing.
3 Sep 2015 #3
It's possible that they confuse the word 'sneeze' with 'cheers' / 'cheerio'; in that case, they may insinuate that you hardly ever drink alcohol (or use other forms of stimulants). Btw. - your username '..sober' may suggest I'm on the right way ;)

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