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shudder - Polish phrase

Pan Zuk Gnojowy 10 | 24
1 Dec 2011 #1
My friend experienced one of those inexplicable body shudders which in England we explain with the phrase "Someone just walked over my grave"

following hers, she said: "Świnia mnie powąchała!"

a pig sniffed me! is how I would translate it :)

Has anybody heard that before? I haven't had much luck googling it to confirm it's a regular expression, not just something my pal came up with off the cuff.

I ask as the English expression is one of my favourite, with its circular approach to time and mortality, and the funny sensation to which it's attached...
pawian 186 | 17,465
1 Dec 2011 #2
Świnia mnie powąchała

Never heard it before. Must be local or very personal.

But it is funny and I am going to use it with my students! Thanks! :):):)

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