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Polish Short Stories \\ Polish Language Exam (writing-reading-listening)

ozzzy_30 1 | 3
21 Feb 2010 #1
Hi All.. If you want to possess a Polish Reading book ( I guess it is in basic level ), Try this.. I found that really soo difficultly.. And I hope it will be helPful for you.. I uploaded it myself so You can rely on before downloading...

rapid share/files/353692380/polishshortstories157.rar

And I found an exam,which prepared by a university in Poland to check your level in Polish.. I want to share it,too.. I hope it also may be helpfull..

rapid share/files/353690857/Leh__e_Sae_nav.rar

Thanks.. Best Regards..

And I am a learner of Polish.. I have been studying for 6 months.. At least I already can communicate with native people in Polish.. If someone needs help, I can help as possible as I can.. :))
tonywob 6 | 43
21 Feb 2010 #2
Gah bloody Rapidshare is doing its best to make me pay to download. Anyone have any idea how I can actually download these files, it keeps claiming there are no slots and some other rubbish.
opts 10 | 260
21 Feb 2010 #3
Gah bloody Rapidshare is doing its best to make me pay to download

Maybe ozzzy is selling Polish reading books and not learning Polish?
18 Jan 2017 #4
While attending Jag U in Krakow, they gave me the University's test to place me in a Polish language (dla cudzozięców) class. I had 2 years of college Polish in the US. Had the grammar down pat. Placed at level 6 of 8. Unfortunately, my vocabulary was only rudimentary. Marek (the prof) thought I was purposely acting dumb in there to entertain my friends. I honestly couldn't understand a thing he was saying (this was essentially advanced Polish grammar taught in Polish). It was a nightmare. After about two months I (rather suddenly) became fluent. I think vodka helped that a lot.

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