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How would you say "I like ____"

6 Feb 2013 #1
I'm wondering how you would say I like cats, or something. It doesn't matter what the noun is, just that there is "I like" in it.
6 Feb 2013 #2
It DOES matter what the noun is, as there are accusative cases and a kajillion other qualifiers, galore. But, "Lubię koty."; to your specific query.
pgtx 30 | 3,156
6 Feb 2013 #3
I like

Ja lubię...
OP Nirovis
6 Feb 2013 #4
AdamKadmon 2 | 508
6 Feb 2013 #5
Ja lubię..


The Polish language is so-called pro-drop language (from "pronoun-dropping"); i.e. personal pronouns are omitted in normal unmarked use - in this case I can infer the pronoun from the first person ending "-ę". If I'd say "Ja lubię" than what I really say is "I do (really) like it".
jkb - | 198
6 Feb 2013 #6
Or you can skip "Ja" and say "Lubię ......." (podmiot domyślny - implied subject), it sounds a bit more natural to skip the pronoun in such case.
7 Feb 2013 #7
So how would you say you like?
jkb - | 198
7 Feb 2013 #8
Ty lubisz - the full form. Lubisz - form with pronoun dropped. So:

Lubię pomidory = Ja lubię pomidory = I like tomatoes
Lubisz pomidory = Ty lubisz pomidory = You like tomatoes
Lubisz pomidory? = Czy lubisz pomidory? = Czy Ty lubisz pomidory? = Do you like tomatoes?

Hope this helps

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