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Quick Tips for Choosing a Polish Translator

teixeira1 1 | -
1 Jul 2010 #1
Clients hiring the services of translators often have no idea what they're really getting for their money. This is especially true when purchasing a translation in which the target language is not understood by the client. Not only can one phrase in any given language be translated in several distinct ways, but it can also be translated badly in an even more ways. Just look at most cartoon/comic fan translations.
1 Jul 2010 #2
Bom dia, o Senor Teixeira -

I would add from experience that commercial/marketing copy translated into English is even worse (especially as you're paying top whack for it).

When I was young and still cared, I did countless 'rescue' jobs on hopeless copy passed on to me by official translators for a decidedly below-market fee. Didn't win any business because of it, though, so thought 'sod it' after a while ;(

AFTERTHOUGHT: when choosing a translator, get them to provide examples of their work. It's done in other areas of marketing...
plk123 8 | 4,149
1 Jul 2010 #3
going with officially sanctioned ones is your best bet though.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
1 Jul 2010 #4
Not true. Some of the "sworn" translators in Poland are dire.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
1 Jul 2010 #5
But because they are "sworn", you can file a complaint against them with the Ministry of Justice if you think they did a bad job, thus eliminating them from the market, or at least restricting their impact.
1 Jul 2010 #6
"Sworn" translator sometimes = "tłumacz przeklęty", hehehe ...
Matowy - | 295
1 Jul 2010 #7
Choose a young University student from Warszawa. Not only will they speak perfect English and Polish, but they'll scold you if you make a mistake in English and constantly assert how much better they are than you at every given opportunity.
Babylon 16 | 192
1 Jul 2010 #8
Or refer to this research on translation jobs:

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