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Polish pronunciation animations?

grzybami 4 | 27
5 Jan 2012 #1
I've come across a program, Learn to Speak Spanish, that includes animations showing tongue and lip positioning for pronouncing each sound in Spanish, as below.

Unfortunately, there is not a Learn to Speak Polish version of the software. Does anyone know where to find something similar for learning how to properly pronounce sounds in the Polish language?
Wulkan - | 3,243
5 Jan 2012 #2
quite strange idea of learning the language
OP grzybami 4 | 27
5 Jan 2012 #3
Yes, but surprisingly good for learning the subtle differences between similar pronunciations between languages, e.g., tongue placement for the letter "d" in English vs. in Spanish.
exonie 1 | 4
8 Jan 2012 #4
Yeah, i've been searching for something like this using search terms like "palatogram" and "vocal tract configuration" but with no results :-/ i guess we'll have to do with just the articulatory descriptions given here and there. But i'm still not sure i'm doing the rz/ź, cz/ć, dż/dź sounds correctly.
milky 13 | 1,657
18 Dec 2012 #5
Well, has anyone found software to help with Polish?
L3anAlawood - | 14
20 Feb 2018 #6

Polsh Word Searching

Looking for dictionary to translate English to Polish... with pronunciation of the the words in polish can you please help me!! i dont mind paying

can you please provide me with a website or app or anything???
Lyzko 40 | 8,759
21 Feb 2018 #7
While I have a small number myself, as with any language, always be careful of false calques when translating!
Rarely too, is a random dictionary ever completely accurate in terms of register or meaning, since so much is always dependent on context, that is, usage:-)

Perhaps a specific usage aka style manual of Polish for English native speakers might be useful. I know they exist for other languages like German, and are usually published in Britain.

Good hunting and wish I could be of more help.

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