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Powolny / wolny - Free or slow?

EmmaT2008 5 | 34
31 Oct 2014 #1
Good Day,

Please can someone help me with the polish word I am trying to learn today - Powolny.
Google translate may not be accurate therefore I am asking for assistance in using this word in sentences.

For Example in google translate For he/she is slow I find -
On Jest Powolny, Ona jest Wolna.
Is Wolna the correct word to use in the context of she is slow, as this seems to mean "free?"

Also when I look at the phrase he walks slow, this translates as Idzie Wolno and not Powolny.

31 Oct 2014 #2
the correct form will be " On idzie powoli - he walks slowly," "Ona idzie powoli - she walks slowly". "on jest powolny - he is slow", "ona jest powolna - she is slow".Wolny means free, not taken. Wolno- means u can , for ex. - Wolno Ci śmiać, u can laught form it.
kpc21 1 | 763
31 Oct 2014 #3
Wolny means both free (meaning not taken, not busy; in the context of money - free of charge - it's not wolny but darmowy, although "wolny od opłat" is also sometimes used, but it's rather just a copy from English) and slow. Powolny - only one meaning: slow.

Powolny refers rather to somebody's/something's feature, when something is always slow, while wolny (in terms of speed) to a specific situation. But it's not a very hard rule, if I want to say to somebody to drive slowly, I can say both "Jedź powoli" and "Jedź wolno".
OP EmmaT2008 5 | 34
19 Nov 2014 #4
Thanks everyone this has helped me remember both words and meanings!
19 Nov 2014 #5
Hi, speaking of this conversation: I think you know right know what is the difference between this two words. But I recommed you book which can help you learning polish. We all know that this is very, very difficult language even for natives :P :) Pozdrowienia!

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