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Popular simple children's books in Polish?

gaston909 3 | 10
12 Sep 2012 #1
Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me some popular Polish children books? Preferably very simple stories for a young reader. Interested in text not pictures.


welshguyinpola 23 | 463
12 Sep 2012 #2
How is your child going to read them??? Does he/she speak Polish?
OP gaston909 3 | 10
12 Sep 2012 #3
It's not for my child...
Ok, will get back on the google!

Tim Bucknall 7 | 98
4 Feb 2013 #4
Merged: Fikus (Childrens book) by Wanda Mycielska. do your kids like it?

I used to know the late author, and i'm really interested to find out what your children think of it.
is it too dated for them or still fun?
all the very best
Maluch 30 | 95
20 Apr 2014 #5
[Moved from]: Simple Polish Articles to Read Online? News... children's stories... etc Give me ideas!

any good tips on where I can read Polish online? I'm looking for 'simple' level either news articles meant for beginners (like deutsche welle has for german) or children's stories or whatever

where is a good polish read? :)
milawi - | 60
20 Apr 2014 #6
Maluch 30 | 95
22 Apr 2014 #7
thanks! looking forward to reading about Reks & the gang :)
vjmehra 16 | 80
4 Jul 2014 #8
[Moved from]: Recommendations for Polish Childrens Books, Nursery Rhymes & Cartoons?

We've just had a baby girl and we would like to bring her up speaking English and Polish. We live in England and she will get exposure to Polish through my wife and her Polish grandparents who are under strict instructions to only speak Polish to her!!!

However I would like to get some childrens books (physical not ebooks if possible) as well as some nursery rhymes/childrens songs in Polish on Mp3 and better still some Polish cartoons in mp4 format (will be played on an iPad so any format that works on that).

Can anyone recommend any good websites, commercial is fine, I'm not looking for free downloads, happy to pay, I just want to make sure we have something to assist her language development (and being realistic my Polish learning too)!!!
5 Jul 2014 #9
Some classic Polish cartoons are:
Koziołek Matołek
Bolek i Lolek
Zaczarowany Ołówek
Miś Uszatek
You can find them all on YouTube. Only the last one contains actual character voices though.
Koziołek Matołek's origin is a comic that I also really recommend.łek+Matołek/ Here's Koziołek in a Polish online bookstore that's shipping abroad. Here you got some books with rhymes.
vjmehra 16 | 80
5 Jul 2014 #10
Great thank you, checking them out as we speak...

Other suggestions of course also greatly appreciated!
Looker - | 1,134
25 Oct 2014 #11
It got very good opinions as I see. It's a shame though, that most Polish children didn't read it. It has been more than 40 years before the book was published here - first edition in Brasil 1964, and in Poland - 2009!

Some of rewiews:

I bought Fikus for my godson at the fair in the Palace of Culture, Warsaw. From what I know he already has a pink elephant "period". Will there be any mascot - a Fikus replica?

The author has a keen eye and feeling. My three and five-year kids squealed with joy, they liked the book such much. They already have Plush elephant at home, so do not asking for a new one. Just overheard that they want to change his name to Fikus. I wonder if this maneuver succeeds...

Fikus penetrated through the soul of the child, knowing his desires, secrets and dreams. This elephant made of several rags is ordinary because authentic and extraordinary - the world is constantly impresses him. Each young child has their Fikus. Adults sometimes meet him - those who managed to keep a bit of their naivety and spontaneity.

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