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Surname suffix -dys in Poland

Grzegorz Jan
30 Nov 2015  #1
I have posted elsewhere this question but thought this new thread might see a wider audience.

I have notice there is a group of surnames in Poland that have the suffix -dys. Such as Berdys, Kondys, Tondys or Hołdys just to mention a few.

Does anyone know of the origins of this suffix or where this type of surname comes from. They seem to be only found in Poland or those found abroad with these surnames are from Polish ancestry.

Also I've noticed some surnames with just the -ys suffix. Are these type of surnames related?

I would be grateful for any help on this topic.
Bartkowiak 5 | 114
30 Nov 2015  #2
I believe that the suffix -dyś does not exist in Poland. However the suffix -yś does. I believe that it is of Lithuanian origin and is used similar to the way -ski is used in Slavic countries. Probably patronymic, Hordyś would mean son of Hord. These surnames, however, are extremely rare and all my life, I have never met a Pole with a name ending in -yś.
OP Grzegorz Jan
30 Nov 2015  #3
Thank you for that information. I certainly know theses surnames are very rare. In the early 90's I spent several hours going through the telephone books in the main post office in Warsaw. I came across about 40 or so surnames ending in -dys not -dyś or just -ys from different parts of Poland. Unfortunately during a few moves I have lost this list. There are a few famous people with this type of surname such as a few musicians. Also I have come across Tondys in my family which I can track back to Płock in the early 19th century but seemed to have moved to Sochaczew in the late 19th century and where two thirds of all people with that name still seem to live till this day.

If you can help me with anymore information or direct me where I can find more I would be truly grateful.

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