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Student register = indeks in Poland?

terri 1 | 1,617
28 Dec 2018  #2
The index is to record marks/results of each term under that Professor.
mafketis 20 | 7,041
28 Dec 2018  #3
Until a few years ago, an indeks was what Polish university students had instead of transcripts. There were no central records kept (beyond recording whether students had passed all their courses each semester). Instead each student had a small indeks (link below). For each class they took they wrote the name of the course and the instructor and the instructor wrote in the grades (for classes and exams when those were part of the class).

Often class grades were plain 'pass' or 'fail' while grades were reserved for exams. Grading in Poland tends to be tough with most students getting the lowest passing grade most of the time (3 - 'sufficient')

I've never heard of a register for students to sign in modern Poland (instructors take attendance or not as they see fit and how they see fit - I pass around a sheet with people's names and they sign next to their name). I'm not saying that nowhere has something like a register I've just never heard of it...

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