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Podcasts in Polish at higher levels than beginner

nickyspaghetti 2 | 14
20 Oct 2008 #1
I am looking for polish podcasts that I can listen to on the tram to improve my language. I have tried the beginner texts but they are really boring as I understand everyting and they are all really false situations. I think that newscasts are a bit too advanced for me so I am looking for something pre intermediate-intermediate that will improve my understanding.

Any ideas of any sources for simple language but discussing normal things?
I can just about hold my own in a basic conversation but I don't have a huge amount of time to study and I don't want to waste the time I spend travelling if possible. There are hundreds of things for english learners but not so many for polish learners!
sausage 19 | 775
20 Oct 2008 #2
There are some podcasts on PolskieRadio. Not sure if these are at the right level for you...
scrivomcdivo 3 | 10
20 Oct 2008 #3
I have tried the beginner texts

Where did you find beginner texts? I wouldn't mind listening to these
sausage 19 | 775
20 Oct 2008 #4
beginner texts?

These short stories are good. And you get a transcription as a PDF: Krystyna PaweĊ‚ i Reks
OP nickyspaghetti 2 | 14
21 Oct 2008 #5
There are a few different polish podcasts on itunes - just covering the real basics. Also I have listened to the cd's that came with two of my language books.

Thanks for the advice - I will check them out.
Bondi 4 | 142
22 Oct 2008 #6
BloggyPolish offers podcasts and texts for learners at different levels. They seem to update the blog time to time. Use the tags to search for intermediate posts.

+ this is a useful topic to check: Polish Language Learning Links
sausage 19 | 775
23 Oct 2008 #7

Thanks Bondi, very useful
McCoy 27 | 1,268
23 Oct 2008 #8
try audiobooks:
8 Mar 2015 #9
Merged: Podcasts in Polish on current news/events

I am back :), first things first, 1 of March was the day of the Cursed Soldiers, hundreds turned out to celebrate the day of National Remembrance in London!

In other news I have began my podcasting channel, in English and Polish, the next vids will be much better and much shorter as people have already pointed out ;)

Here are the links if you would want to check them out :p:

Dougpol1 31 | 2,639
9 Mar 2015 #10
"Uczmy sie polskiego" was alright - a TVP series for teenagers learning Polish - Youtube.....

Dated - but well presented.

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