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Does this paragraph make sense? I am learning Polish

3 Jan 2014 #1
Ja nie jestem biegly na Polski. Ja had niebieski oczy. Ja lubie czekolada - ja bardzo lubic herbatniki! Ja lubie do slucha deszcz; do czytac poezja, i (pismiennictwo <literatura?>) Ja chciec do pisac na zawsze (i zawsze) i podrozowac do "Denver, Colorado."

Much appreciated, thank you.
Uglywoman 3 | 75
3 Jan 2014 #2
Hi honey! My Polish sucks really bad but let me try to help you a tiny bit my love.

Moja najlepsza przyjaciolka na swiecie, Maja, pomogla mi napisac to po polsku :) Mam niebieskie oczy. Lubie czekolade i bardzo lubie herbate! Lubie sluchac deszczu, czytac poezje i literature. Chcialam ci pisac, pozdrawiam od Denver, Colorado :)
OP Emie
3 Jan 2014 #3
Thank you honey, this is very helpful. Tell your friend Maja I said thank you :)
normalnyfacet - | 31
3 Jan 2014 #4
Emie, are you male/female?
It makes a difference when writing in Polish
OP Emie
3 Jan 2014 #5
normalnyfacet - | 31
3 Jan 2014 #6
I suggest that you write what you want to say in English, then wait for a native speaker's help
FYI, For females

Chciałam = I wanted (past tense)
Chciałabym = I would like to
OP Emie
3 Jan 2014 #7
Okay, thank you.
Well, I was just trying to get a basic grasp of the language, really. This was what I was trying to say:
I am not fluent in Polish. I have blue eyes. I like chocolate - I really like biscuits!
I like to listen to the rain; to read poetry, and literature.
I want to write forever (and ever) and travel to "Denver, Colorado."

Thank you again!
lunacy - | 73
3 Jan 2014 #8
Here's my proposition:

Nie jestem biegła w języku polskim. Mam niebieskie oczy. Lubię czekoladę - uwielbiam herbatniki!
Lubię słuchać jak pada deszcz; czytać poezję i literaturę.
Chciałabym zawsze pisać i pojechać do Denver w Kolorado.

Side info:
- język polski -> all adjectives (polski in this case) always start with lowercase letter! it's a grammar rule.
- forget for now about piśmiennictwo, it's used in academic/scientific resources only:) literatura is correct and used on a daily basis
- uwielbiam = bardzo lubię:) we use uwielbiam very often!
- instead of "lubię słuchać jak pada deszcz" you could say "lubię wsłuchiwać się w deszcz" - wsłuchiwać się means that you're listetning to sth intently, more or less thoughtfully (it sounds more poetic:))

Hope it helps. Greetings from Poland and good luck learning Polish!
OP Emie
3 Jan 2014 #9
Lunacy! Thank you so much! This is perfect - exactly what I was looking for. Dziękuję. :)
kpc21 1 | 763
4 Jan 2014 #10
Maybe not "literaturę", but "prozę" :) "Literatura" includes also poetry.
rebecca ogawa
24 Feb 2016 #11
Hey. I also struggled with my Polish for quite a long time. I tried handbooks and audiobooks. And you know what? I made plenty of mistakes, you know. Now my Polish is practically fine thanks to polishcourse. Here you can find great teachers. They are always willing to help you improve your Polish. Oh, and the atmosphere is awesome, friendly and casual.

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