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Old "Polish" Phrases used by family (in US)

Semsem 16 | 26
31 Jan 2010 #1
These phrases are supposed to be Polish...things my grandmother knew that she learned from her in-laws.

Not sure on spelling, so if anyone can spell them right, that'd be great...and if anyone knows if they're what (or not what) I've been told they are, then by all means please say something!

Okay...pronunciation is by Midwest-US English standards (if that helps)
"zy-own-ts" for rabbit
"jeff-tina" for little girl
"ay Jezus coo-ha-knee"...something about Jesus

Ziemowit 14 | 4,263
31 Jan 2010 #2
Zając; dziewczyna; O Jezus kochany!
Polonius3 993 | 12,357
20 Feb 2010 #3
nitpickingly...a zając is a hare; a rabbit is a królik. Except for the jackrabbit of the Wild West which, as I have been told, is America's only true hare.

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