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Noun cases in Polish, Examples and how to use it.

Xnietzsche 2 | 4
1 Dec 2014 #1
Does someone can help me with nouns cases? Like, I know what each case means, Genitive, Nominative and etc, but how can I know when to change the stems in each case?

an assumption : In accusative case you put the letter "ą" in the end of the word (just an example). PLEASE ANYBODY HELP ME, I NEED THE EXAMPLES IN ALL THE NOUN CASES. I don't wanna know what it means, just the rules, how to use it, and examples. I'll be very very thankful (:
1 Dec 2014 #2
Have you checked: (there are some good examples).
OP Xnietzsche 2 | 4
1 Dec 2014 #3
It doesn't have the things I need ;-;
But thank you
1 Dec 2014 #4
Polish is more difficult than English; sometimes there are more exceptions than the rule itself ; ). If you post some example and don't understand it, we'll try to explain.
OP Xnietzsche 2 | 4
1 Dec 2014 #5
In fact, I understand nothing about Polish, I can't understand without the noun cases, and ALL I need is just explanations about it. And I can't find it nowhere. How I said, I don't wanna know what mean each case, I just wanna know how to use it. .-.
1 Dec 2014 #6
I am just learning so these may not be correct but if it's any help ;

(nom)sklep jest dobry
(acc)widze sklep
(dat)Daję pieniądze sklepowi
(gen)Zamknienta sklep nie jest dobrego
(Ins)Hotel jest z otwartym sklepom
(loc)On jest z sklepie

Kobieta jest miła
widze miłą kobietę
Daję pomoc kobiecie
To nie jest kobiety
Mowie o kobiecie

muzeum jest dobre
widze muzeum
daję pienandze muzeum
to nie jest muzeum
on jest w muzeum

Sorry, masculine genitive= sklepu and locative W sklepie I think. So confusing !
Looker - | 1,134
1 Dec 2014 #7


(gen)Zamknienta sklep nie jest dobrego

This is wrong, I can't understand this sentence.

Genitive should be like: zamkniętego sklepu

(Ins)Hotel jest z otwartym sklepom

Instrumental - otwartym/zamkniętym sklepem

widze miłą kobietę

widzę miłą kobietę

To nie jest kobiety

To nie jest kobieta

Mowie o kobiecie

Mówię o kobiecie



the 'Muzeum' is an easy example of neuter to declension

Check here - it's worth to read, the Polish Declension is clearly presented:
1 Dec 2014 #8
Thanks Looker, for the corrections and the link :)

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