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niewiarygodny - phonetic pronunciation

9 Sep 2012 #1
Can some phonetically pronounce the Polish word niewiarygodny (incredible)?
smurf 39 | 1,979
9 Sep 2012 #2
n'yea-ve-ar-e-god-ny.........the stress of the word falls on the 'god' part, in Polish the stress is always on the 2nd last syllable
OP incredible
18 Sep 2012 #3
Merged: niewiarygodny, does it mean unbelievable?

niewiarygodny, does it mean unbelievable? Loosly translated to English could it mean incredible? I have found several meanings, but I'm looking for a Polish word translation for incredible, but niewiargody is the easiest to pronunce for a Dutch-Irish American. Is niewiarygodny close enough to mean incredible as a synonym for unbelievable?
boletus 30 | 1,366
18 Sep 2012 #4
As in the adjective "niesamowity", the meaning of "niewiarygodny" has transformed.
Originally, the pair of words (wiarygodny and niewiarygodny) meant:
wiarygodny => godny wiary => trustworthy, credible, reliable
niewiarygodny => untrustworthy, not credible, unreliable

niewiarygodny => incredible, unbelievable, mind blowing but you can still use it in its original meaning, depending on the context.

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