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New free funny video lessons of the Polish language on YT

MelyViole 1 | 1
2 Apr 2011 #1

I'm here to present a brand new video course of my native language. At the moment it contains four funny clips and this number is going to grow constantly. I use a lot of audio recordings in my videos and always put many, many examples. Grammatical rules are covered in english (I asked Mr. Snopek who is a citizen of USA for corrections ;) ). Most important thing: it's surprising, how many of mistakes you can find in lessons on YT! People write about it in comments but some authors seem to be too lazy to just get rid of wrong prepared clips. I especially care to avoid accidents of this kind. If I discover I made a mistake, I'll straighten it immediately. As I have been creating my videos for relatively short time, every feedback will be welcomed! :)
2 Apr 2011 #2
I think that some sounds that represent Polish letters are distorted e.g. one sound speaking "ci" pronounces it like "dzi".

I also think that videos might be a little bit too fast. Maybe give viewers few seconds more to think over what they have just seen ;)

Generally I find those videos amusing and really great! I love it! Keep on making them :)))
_Kristin_ - | 6
3 Apr 2011 #3
Thanks for posting these on here. I'm sure I will find these useful since trying to read and pronounce the words are more difficult for me than it is to listen and learn! :)
OP MelyViole 1 | 1
15 Apr 2011 #4
Thank you for your answers. I'm very glad you like my videos :) The next one will be slower.

Some distortions - voicing and devoicing - are in Polish natural. It's something difficult at the beginning of learning this language, but most people quickly get used to it.
catsoldier 62 | 595
25 Jun 2011 #5
Merged: funny videos to help you learn Polish

milky 13 | 1,657
25 Jun 2011 #6
funny videos to help you learn Polish

you are already Polish..
catsoldier 62 | 595
25 Jun 2011 #7
If you know some words you can get an idea of what is happening and look up the words that you don't know, it is easier to remember things that are funny sometimes.

New word:
rarytas, 3:28, : rarity(the second r sound must be what they talk about when they say rolling your Rs.)
ifor bach 11 | 152
16 Oct 2012 #8
Merged: Furious Pete's Polish language lessons.

What do people here think of 'Furious Pete's' Polish language lessons? ns-for-football-fans/

Can he pronounce Polish properly?
Wulkan - | 3,243
16 Oct 2012 #9
If you want to learn Polish by youtube why don't you use serious sources insted of that bafoon.

His Polish pronounciation would be ok for a foreigner, but he's Canadian born Polish which means his parents didn't teach him his native language properly, he also makes grammar mistakes, so if it makes you laugh you can watch it but learning Polish from that would be a waste of time

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