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Polish Names (which goes with which)

20 Oct 2018 #1

I am a translator and am currently working on a translation into English of a document that is in Latin but contains, at some point, a list of what seem like Polish names (I apologize if some are not). The punctuation in the document is a bit sloppy (by modern standards) and as a result there is ambiguity at times (at least to someone unfamiliar with Polish names) as to which name goes with which; i.e. whether, say, two or three names all belong to the same person or if one or two of them are someone else. I thought I'd ask the opinion of people familiar with Polish names and found this forum.

Can you tell me which, among the following options, seem to be likely or, on the contrary, unlikely Polish names, taking each option as one person?

1) Konrad Ɓukaszewicz Jaworski
2) Jaworski Wirzbic
3) Marianna Dukowska Parasceva
4) Parasceva Jaremkowicz

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
20 Oct 2018 #2
Konrad and Marianna are 1st names, the rest are last names. Parasceva sound somehow Balkan, the rest are clearly Polish.
OP Sarah89Translator
21 Oct 2018 #3
Thank you!

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