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Meaning of Bejbe - a Polish girl said this to me

11 Jun 2015 #1
Hey i just wanted to know what Bejbe meant. Any feedbackback would be appreciated.
11 Jun 2015 #2
"Love", "honey", "sweetheart", "babe"
jon357 63 | 15,024
11 Jun 2015 #3
Hey i just wanted to know what Bejbe meant.


It's also a surname but in other parts of Eastern Europe, rather than Poland.
OP John578
11 Jun 2015 #4
Oh ok, thanks guys. Is this a common term among people or is it exclusive?
jon357 63 | 15,024
11 Jun 2015 #5
Kind of street language. Slang. You don't hear it every day.
OP John578
11 Jun 2015 #6
So when would u typicly hear it? Im asking cuz a girl said this to me and i want to know if its just common talk
jon357 63 | 15,024
11 Jun 2015 #7
I don't know what you mean by 'common talk'. It isn't an English expression. Do you mean common as in frequent or common as in lower class?

By the way, if you expect a response, writing 'u' and 'cuz' to strangers isn't the best way to get one. Also, you say that you heard it. No doubt you read it too, since you got the spelling right.

For info (and I think this is what you want) a very young person is more likely to say it than someone more mature. It's, as I said, street slang. It probably means she likes you a lot, but equally might not - hard to say without knowing anything about the person who said it or the context.
OP John578
11 Jun 2015 #8
I know it's not an english expression, that's why im asking what the word means and what context the word is generally used as. Also, writing cuz and u doesnt have any impact on whether i should get a response or not, not everyone here can write grammatically correct.

When i mean common i am not talking about social classes, i am talking about everyday conversations between friends, families, and lovers.

Yes of course i know how to spell it since she sent a message with the word in it. In fact i dont even know how to pronounce the word i just want to know what it meant and how often the word is used.

Yes the info is what i wanted to know, thank you very much for answering my questions, i really appreciate it.
jon357 63 | 15,024
11 Jun 2015 #9
What you really want to know is "does she like me?". The answer is that you shouldn't read too much into it - same as the word babe in English. It might mean she does, but equally might not mean much at all.
OP John578
11 Jun 2015 #10
I just wanted to know what it meant and now that u said that its babe, that is why i wanted to know how often people say it, since in english slang it can mean nothing, im an american so i know people say these kinds of things all the time. Allright thank you very much.
jon357 63 | 15,024
11 Jun 2015 #11
Pretty well the same - it can mean something and it equally can't. She might have used it because you're American and she knows the word 'babe' is American. Or it could be a very good sign indeed :-)

Depends on context, tone of voice, anything. Try calling her Niunia (like babe but definitely affectionate) and see how she reacts to it...
11 Jun 2015 #12
Will do thank you :)
Marsupial - | 886
11 Jun 2015 #13
I would assume the positive and go from there. Have fun.
10 Jul 2017 #14
It basically means attractive or babe but I'm from Essex and it's common to call your friends that

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