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I would really like to learn Polish, but I'm struggling..

Unreal 1 | -
27 Sep 2011 #1

I'm 16, and I'm really curious about learning the Polish language. My mother was from Poland (and speaks it) but I've never been taught the language. This is bugging me because I have a lot of family in Poland but due to lack of knowledge in Polish, I am unable to communicate with them :(. I have an interest to learn the language but I'm not sure where to start. I want to ask my mom, but shes very busy and I don't think she really would know how to teach the language. On top of that, Polish seems extremely hard when compared to English and Spanish, and Spanish is said to be 'easy' and yet, I sort of struggle with that.

Any Advice?

Thank you!
BrooksG - | 2
27 Sep 2011 #2
Unreal, I'll start with a disclaimer by admitting I speak almost no Polish, although I do speak Spanish passably well. I say go for it, it is easier than ever in the internet age to learn a foreign language, what with Youtube and easy free access to media from around the world, including Poland. The key to learning any language is passion and persistence. Chip away at it, it's a life-long adventure. If your mom sees you making a serious independent effort at learning Polish, I can't imagine that she wouldn't be inspired to give you all kinds of helpful hints.
kaytz - | 11
27 Sep 2011 #3
I'm using Byki at the moment boyfriend is Polish so I would like to converse with him...

Anyway I think the free Byki program will help you

Also you can try this program which I have also I picked it up in Poland...

The key is consistent and repetition to get those tricky sentences remembered...

When you understand how some letters are pronounced for example the Ż , ł , ą
and so forth then it becomes less confusing...

One big favourite of mine is watching youtube Polish songs where the lyrics are written up on the screen..I recently have started this and it has made the pronouncing of words less confusing and

also familiarises yourself with how they come it puts the fun in can learn to sing along as I do this and much easier to get use to pronouncing those words...

heres one of my favourite songs from Polish singer Gosia Andrzejewicz ... I already know the lyrics just by repeating this song over and over haha [I learnt it by hear before I found the lyrics one]...and I practise everyday singing them

When you have learnt some basics just talk to your mum in Polish bit by bit...

also maybe there is a class on a Saturday...usually they have Polish community classes on the weekends or night class at a university or something depending what country you are in...

you could google Polish language and your town to see if anything is listed...I think face to face will better your chances to learn quicker and build confidence...

Because we all know confidence is what helps to speak in front of someone
27 Sep 2011 #4
Read Polish newspapers over the internet with dictionary. It'll be tough at the start, lots of hunt and pick and also go here: To learn it, you'll have to-stick-to-it.
gumishu 15 | 6,186
27 Sep 2011 #5
I'm 16, and I'm really curious about learning the Polish language.

try learning the alphabet and the ways of pronunciation - you don't have to be able to pronounce all sounds as a native - but if you don't know how the letters are pronounced you won't figure out what people are talking in Polish and believe me you'll learn a lot more of the language (when confronted) when you finally are able to tell what words are spoken (=meaning you can more or less repeat them and tell them apart from other words)(it also means you will be able to tell of what letters and sounds they consist - also in Polish you can mostly figure out how the word is pronounced from the way it is written (there are some minor exceptions) - it works the opposite way a bit worse but it can work well with a bit experience)

it is also very important to note that many letters (especially vowels) are pronounced differently in Polish and in English
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
9 Oct 2011 #6
Nothing can beat total immersion. I don't know where you live and whether you have access to newly arrived natfve Polish speakers, preferably your peers, but if that is an option that would be the way to go. Just hanging out with people your age who know little or no English should speed up the learning process greatly.
catsoldier 62 | 595
9 Oct 2011 #7
I'm not sure where to start

I would suggest some private lessons and then try to communicate a little with your relatives that speak Polish.

Nothing can beat total immersion.

This is probably true although very difficult I imagine. I imagine that most people who do the total immersion thing also get lessons and really give the lessons 100% because they are not going to manage successfully otherwise, they have to learn the language, that as soon as they step outside the door they are confronted with what they have learnt is a huge advantage.
beckski 12 | 1,612
10 Oct 2011 #8
I would suggest some private lessons

That's what I may have to do too. What bothers me is sometimes people really enjoy it, when I make a grammatical error in Polish.
catsoldier 62 | 595
10 Oct 2011 #9
What bothers me is sometimes people really enjoy it, when I make a grammatical error in Polish.

At least it is only grammatical errors that you make in Polish, it could be a lot worse, really it could!
18 Oct 2011 #10
anyone, who can teach Polish on skype. i would appreciate it.
Haniaa 1 | 9
2 Nov 2011 #11
I do teach Polish via Skype. If you are interested, I will help you. Unfortunately the lessons are not for free, but the price is very competitive, so I think it's worth to give it a try. I provide new students with two trial lessons for free, after which they can decide whether to continue, or not without financial consequences.

If interested, contact me by my email address: hania.poland@gmail

sam_soliman - | 1
28 Jan 2015 #12
Merged: looking for someone help me to learn polish language ...

hi to all members . just wonder if here is anyone can help me .. i want to be good at polish and learn everything about polish language , i just know few words and need help to be better .
Wulkan - | 3,186
28 Jan 2015 #13
I think you forgot to mention what can you offer in return.

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