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Learning Polish via YouTube?

potpottoptop 1 | 3
18 Feb 2012 #1
Anyone know of any youtubers from poland? share them here!
Wroclaw 44 | 5359
18 Feb 2012 #2
what is a youtuber ?
OP potpottoptop 1 | 3
18 Feb 2012 #3
a youtuber is someone who regularly uploads videos on
Wroclaw 44 | 5359
18 Feb 2012 #4
what subject matter are you looking for ? And why don't you just switch to youtube pl. ?
OP potpottoptop 1 | 3
18 Feb 2012 #5
lifestyle, aunt agony, these kinda stuff. and switching to doesnt really change the content.
Wroclaw 44 | 5359
18 Feb 2012 #6
might be easier to search by topic. wroclaw, poznan, Polish food, Polish music, etc.
OP potpottoptop 1 | 3
18 Feb 2012 #7
hm actually i was looking for something like this but maybe made by a polish person. haha thanks anyway!
shenniko - | 7
30 Nov 2012 #8
[Moved from]: Learning Polish by Youtube?

I've posted previously in the UK section looking for a tutor in my area (Wirral/Chester) as i dont really want to start over S.k.y.p.e (Possibly in the future i might, but right now i would prefer a face to face tutor..).

Until i actually find one, does anyone know of a (Good) Y.o.u tube Stream that could possibly start me off with learning some basic polish?

I've just started seeing a polish girl (who lives in the uk) and want to secretly learn some Polish and surprise her..

Appologies for the . in some words.. im getting some sort of "cant use certian words" message when i try and post

Romekkkk 2 | 5
4 Dec 2012 #9
Try searching "polish 101" on youtube. There are plenty out there but the trick is finding a format that you feel comfortable with. I much prefer that one after trying a few.
envythenight 1 | 2
22 Apr 2015 #10
Merged: Looking for YouTubers in Polish

So I'm looking to improve my listening skills and vocab, and I thought finding some Polish youtube channels might help - something I'd be interested in. I've done a small amount of searching but it's hard to know quite what to look for. I normally watch factual YouTube videos (Tom Scott/Vsauce type things) or gaming stuff (PBSgameshow/Cryaotic). I've found one person, Polimaty, who seems to (from a brief look) do things I'm kinda interested in. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions? Even if it's not the sort of stuff I normally watch, I'll give it a go! I definitely used to watch several vlog type YouTubes, and I think they tend to have simple/slang vocab, so any Polish vloggers would be nice too! Thanks!
jacekkaminski91 1 | 16
18 Feb 2017 #11

Youtube video - What advice would you give to your younger self???

Hi All,

I saw a nice video a few years ago where a group of older people were giving advice to their younger selfs/younger family members about what they should do.

Was really nice as it was a slow pace, and was subtitiled in Polish and I use to share it with people learning polish. However I changed laptops and now don't have the link. Anyone know of this video and can remind me of its name?

soulreal 1 | 5
25 Mar 2017 #12
I think that might be from the channel of the "easy polish" series. I've already done "polishpod101" 's "polish in three minutes" & currently i'm almost finished with the "course of polish" series from jarosław hajduk (jareczny), next i'm going on to "polish language for beginners". After that i'm going to check out "MrRealPolish" since i heard it's good.

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