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18 May 2013 #31
Or course it is possible, but if you expect to be fluent in Polish without sacrificing tons of your free time, stay away from it :d.
18 May 2013 #32
Yeah very possible ....just go to a pharmacy/apteka and they will sell you the pills which you take empty stomach bedtime in night and next morning you get up speaking Polish:)) probable side effects are that one has to keep up taking the pills or you will relapse:)
26 Feb 2015 #33
Hey guys

If you want to learn Polish then visit this youtube channel:

It works for me! xxx
27 Feb 2015 #34
There are so many different rules in Polish. I rather call some of them exceptions but my Polish teacher says they are rules. Just a rule within another rule related to the other rule and for non-living male nouns that have a hard consonant ending..... ;-)
Fero - | 3
28 Feb 2015 #35
@Learnpolishnow, the link and source you mentioned(

), was really great. thanks for it, I just registered there and started learning Polish
Lyzko 33 | 8,287
24 Oct 2015 #36
The key vs. the "trick" aka useless gimmick to learning any foreign language is TIME + MONASTIC DISCIPLINE AND FOCUS!!!

Far too many so-called crash courses offer merely one level of functional conversation, scarcely the actual nuts and bolts of what is need to honestly, completely know a language, e.g. Rosetta Stone, among others:-) Speaking is but a single element in foreign language acquisiton! What about reading, above all, writing on a level commensurate with the needs of a target native speaker? Often, such courses regrettably teach only what they think you should, rather than what you need to learn in order to become literate in the new language. Herein lies the disconnect.

Polish is quite another story from Spanish, French, Italian, even German; it requires intense concentration in order to internalize all of its myriad permutations. Unlike French with its tenses, along with the other two Romance tongues or German with its dizzying word order, Polish sentence structure is fairly straightforward, at least for me as a bilingual English/German speaker.

The issues in Polish are more the question of verbal aspects, number quirks and declensions.
Rafal - | 25
25 Oct 2015 #37
audiobooks. Listen stories, you know in your origin language. It works for me better than movies. There is no time to translate and you have to understand language.
Lyzko 33 | 8,287
25 Oct 2015 #38
Good one, Rafał!

Again, if one's not willing to invest the abundance of time as I mentioned before, might as well pack it in and forget about it.
mcrpolak 6 | 36
26 Oct 2015 #39
No chance of learning quickly.

I studied at University of Manchester in a class of 12 people and not one was 'fluent' within 3 years.

It's a tough language but rewarding, I'd suggest a tutor and the books Hurra Po Polsku, Basic Polish & Intermediate Polish and 301 Polish Verbs
Lyzko 33 | 8,287
27 Oct 2015 #40
The latter I already know, of which, the Polish Verb Dictionary might be the most valuable, particularly for more advanced students seriously interested in honing their Polish:-)
marco polo
4 Feb 2016 #41
I got a job offer in Poland and I wanted to study Polish. It turned out it's not that difficult as I previously thought. Although I didn't have to speak Polish at work, because we are communicating in English or Italian, I just felt I needed to learn Polish, as it was akward when I didn't understand what the Polish people were saying. I decided to take a Polish course. Here they are: polish course. Fine atmosphere, friendly lecturers. They are really helpful. Now after 2 years I can understand Polish language and communicate quite well.
Librarius - | 91
6 Feb 2016 #42
Now after 2 years I can understand Polish language and communicate quite well.

14 Polish phrases that British people find hilarious

Polish: Kiedy wszedłeś między wrony, musisz krakać jak i one
English: When in Rome, do as the Romans do

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Do you find them hilarious too?
poganin - | 58
6 Feb 2016 #43
I need to learn Polish ASAP! Any suggestions?!

Yes, you need to become a genius quickly and efficiently.
marco polo
8 Feb 2016 #44
Librarius, so hilarious are those crows. I guess it's "kra, kra" what they utter, actually :) I enjoy such idioms. Zabawny obrazek.
Lets Polish
21 Jun 2016 #45
I can be your free teacher :) mclain at that's my email adress.
But I have also my YT channel Let's Polish which I recommend

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