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How to learn the pronunciation of the Polish language?

4 Oct 2013 #1
Hello, im trying to learn the polish language but i got some trouble with it.
for instance, i dont know how to pronounce sententes and words like: jak był twój weekend (how was ure weekend)
Is there anyone here who knows a website where i can learn the pronunciation of the polish language?

OP Dutchman89
4 Oct 2013 #3
Oh this is really usefull! dziekuje!
Ziutek 9 | 160
4 Oct 2013 #4
This is always useful:
jarekn7 - | 5
8 Oct 2013 #5
The best way are conversations with natives. Via skype for example. I can help you.
13 Nov 2013 #6
If you want to learn pronunciation properly (or in general Polsih language) I can recommend you this website: It can help you find a good native Polish speaker and improve your skills. My friends from Greystones used it to learn Polish, now they live here and they are sure that they wouldn't achieve so much without this website, so I hope it will also help you. Take care ;)
Wlodzimierz 4 | 544
13 Nov 2013 #7
As I've often said before on this forum, for me at any rate, watching films with POLISH or target language rather than source language subtitles can really help reinforce both pronunciation as well as comprehension. Pronunciation, because you can see what the characters are saying instead of only hearing them, comprehension, because you need some sort of native-language reference in the very beginning.

Just make sure that Polish-language subtitles don't become a crutch for flagging attention and speaking practice, 'cuz that's what happened in my case:-)

I should add here that Polish is more phonetic than Dutch, because every letter (even consonant cluster) is ALWAYS pronounced the same. Dutch, like English for that matter, has many 'half-sounds' plus schwas and Polish has none; you don't swallow letters in Polish!!
Katty 1 | 2
4 Mar 2015 #8
Merged: Advice on pronunciation exercises?


I was wondering if any of you had advice on pronunciation exercises - I find that whilst I pronounce words correctly in my head, getting my mouth to form the sounds (e.g. bezprzewodowa) is exceedingly difficult!

Borek Falecki - | 52
4 Mar 2015 #9
Very interesting!

Do you mean by that that in your head you're the perfect speaker of Polish and externalizing your speech you are not?
Katty 1 | 2
4 Mar 2015 #10
Well, maybe not perfect, but I can make the different sounds quickly, whereas vocalising them I get tongue-tied as my mouth contorts to positions that I'm not used to using in English.
Lyzko 42 | 9,100
5 Mar 2015 #11
Try using simple mnemonics, e.g. "cztery" Say "CHerry", switching suddenly to "TErry", for instance! "CHTerri".
And you're half way home:-)
Borek Falecki - | 52
5 Mar 2015 #12
I can make the different sounds quickly

What is lacking in your case is more exercises - try to repeat after a model of pronunciation and follow your not too perfect but good enouth intuition.

I propose google translate as a model for you:
5 Mar 2015 #13
Polish people don't say " jak był twój weekend", we say "jak ci minął weekend" or "jak minął ci weekend".
chaza 50 | 253
18 Apr 2015 #14
I have the same problem, "minal" appears to mean passed, so I don't get how it fits into having a good weekend.

Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,000
18 Apr 2015 #15
I learned Polish through talks with family and Polish cinema, I recommend Polish movies especially old ones in blakc and white if you got the stomach for it :)
18 Apr 2015 #16

'Jak ci minął weekend?' you can ask only after the weekend, when it passed.

It means 'How was your weekend'.

If you are during the weekend then you could use 'Jak Twój weekend?', 'Jak leci weekend?', 'Jak weekend?'

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