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Can I learn Polish? I have a lisp disorder.

13 Jun 2018  #1
I have a lisp, nasal voice (allergic rhinitis) and trouble pronouncing S (I sound like a snake) and R. No problems with SZ, Ż, Ź, CZ. Ż and Ź are my favorite sounds. I can even pronounce my nickname lol. Can I learn Polish in this case? I find Polish just makes more sense than Czech.

Also what languages would be a no no for me? Spanish is easy for me as I studied French buf has easier grammar and it's simpler but they are heavy on the R and S. On the other hand with the exception of Iberian Spanish they don't lisp. Too many H and S sounds and no Ż or SZ. English is kinda making my lisp more pronounced but can be non-rothic. Still I don't want to come off as gay lol as I like them girls.
14 Jun 2018  #2
There are Poles with the same disability who speak Polish, so sure you can. Moreover, it is likely that Poles will not detect it as a disability, but as a slight mispronunciation due to being non-native. I would not worry about it.

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