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Want to learn Polish, already know some.

Goat_master 1 | 2
3 Dec 2012 #1
I'm considering going to university in Poland seeing how it would be far cheaper (I'm Canadian but with Polish parents) and I want to end up in Europe eventually anyways.

Polish was my first language and I've always used it when speaking to relatives. I know enough to have basic conversations but my vocab has regressed over the years since I only ever use it in basic conversations. I end up having to substitute English into my sentences now every now and then because I can't think of a proper Polish word.

I can barely read Polish and I can't write in Polish (I never learned the grammar).

So, my questions:

How long would it take someone like me, who can institutionally have basic conversations, to learn grammar and vocab on an academic level?

What are some good resources to begin?

By basic conversations I mean talking about your day, the weather things of that nature.
cinek 2 | 347
3 Dec 2012 #2
How long would it take someone like me, who can institutionally have basic conversations, to learn grammar and vocab on an academic level?

Hard to say. I suspect that if you have the 'feeling' of the language, it should be relatively easy. I think you could try reading a book on a subject that you're interested in and see yourself how it goes.

If you find that you only need a dictionary than it may take just a few months to build your vocabulary. But if you find that you have also problems understanding the grammar then you should consider taking a language course.

OP Goat_master 1 | 2
3 Dec 2012 #3
Yeah, that's a good idea. The thing is I understand and use the grammar rules when speaking but I don't 'know' them on a fundamental level. I use different cases and what not when speaking but it's instinctual. I think reading some basic books, with words I know and understand might be a good place to start. It'll help me read more fluently (I can manage to read some but it just takes me a bit to wrap my head around the letters and how they are supposed to be read if I don't know the word already). Then I can start trying to read texts with more complex vocab that I don't know and see if I catch onto the grammar rules.

I'm not sure but because of what I do know I think the grammar rules might come naturally to me once I better understand the pronunciation, if so it wouldn't take too long for me to learn the language on a more complex level.

Thanks for the idea!
noreenb 7 | 557
3 Dec 2012 #4
Goat master
I don't think in your case it will take a long time.Around a few months adding your intensive work on it.
Good resources? Polish TV, newspapers, books, dictionaries, articles form net.
Learning grammar form grammar books is difficult. You just have to listen as much as possible.
I know it can appear boring but I learn a lot English from dictionaries. I just take them and learn words by heart. It helps me to built vocabulary.

Hope these simple advices will help you.
Good luck!
cinek 2 | 347
3 Dec 2012 #5
to learn grammar and vocab on an academic level

What do you want to study? If for instance engineering then you may not need the perfect command in the lang. You just must be able to understand the lessons and books and precisely answer questions on your exams.

On the other hand, if you plan to be say a journalist, then Polish matura level will be required.

OP Goat_master 1 | 2
3 Dec 2012 #6
I'd be going for Computer Science.

By academic I only meant to be able to clearly and precisely express thoughts not necessarily be a great writer. I feel that much I should be able to do.
Lenka 5 | 3,393
3 Dec 2012 #7
And you probably will.After some studying you should be able to communicate very good,both in speaking and writing.
I think you should also take part in discussions in Polish on this forum.It will give you an opportunity to practice your writing.Maybe you should also get used to Polish keyboard(maybe you already had,I don't know).It's not so different-practically English with few additional combinations like: ą,ę,ć,ó,ź,ż (alt with appropriate letter,only ź is alt+x)
17 May 2013 #8
The best way to improve your vocabulary is by reading Polish novels.
7 Oct 2013 #9
I can help you lern polish, i am from poland, we can talk in the internet, you help me improve my english i help you improve your polish. Write to me:
7 Oct 2013 #10
I wrote you email
jarekn7 - | 5
8 Oct 2013 #11
Good way seems to be conversations via skype, I can help you :))
dank41582 1 | 2
28 May 2015 #12
I'm in the same boat as goat_master, except born to Polish parents in Chicago.

Anybody know of any Polish language schools or teachers in Warszawa? I'm a conversational speaker looking to improve my grammar. The koncówki are damn hard and I'd rather have a teacher correcting me than my friends and family.
KasiaM - | 1
1 Jun 2015 #13
I'm from Warszawa, but now I'm on exchange in Tokyo. Anyway I can teach someone Polish language via Skype or in person if someone is in Tokyo ;).

Please contact with me via e-mail:

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