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Does anyone know where I can learn Polish for free?

Louis001 6 | 14
28 Jan 2010 #1
Hi from London moved to Poland, Warsaw about a year ago, and heard that there are free places for me to learn Polish, but I never found any, does anyone know and can send me any websites or numbers that would be great.
Czyryca 1 | 48
28 Jan 2010 #3
Don't know about free, but seriously thinking of purchasing Rosetta Stone.
OP Louis001 6 | 14
28 Jan 2010 #4
Rosetta Stone.

Czyryca 1 | 48
28 Jan 2010 #5
Rosetta Stone.


Language learning software. Google it. Expensive but supposed to be very good.
SeanBM 35 | 5,812
28 Jan 2010 #6
Does anyone know where I can learn Polish for free............


Not what he was looking for.

Louis001, another thing you can do since you live here is swap.
Find someone wanting to learn English and get them to teach you Polish.
I recommend an advanced student, if you are not a teacher and one that wishes to practice his/her English rather than be instructed in it.

Also I would advise a male student as female endings are very different in Polish and you might pick up some incorrect words.
It is a start.
Czyryca 1 | 48
28 Jan 2010 #7
Not what he was looking for

Clearly understood that, just giving a different option. Personally, for me, it is easier to learn on my own, rather than have someone teach me.
Alicjav - | 16
28 Jan 2010 #8
hello , yes
PAH - foundation in warasaw, szpitalna 5 street

best regards
OP Louis001 6 | 14
29 Jan 2010 #9
PAH - foundation in warasaw, szpitalna 5 street

Thanks i will check it out today, thanks again, have you there?
convex 20 | 3,978
29 Jan 2010 #10
hello , yes
PAH - foundation in warasaw, szpitalna 5 street

Isn't that geared more towards refugees?
SeanBM 35 | 5,812
29 Jan 2010 #11
Is there a difference in the way that refugees speak Polish?

convex 20 | 3,978
29 Jan 2010 #12
Yea, they learn faster :)

Was thinking more along the lines of who the free courses are for (if they take into account immigration status for instance)
Exiled 2 | 425
29 Jan 2010 #13
Does anyone know where I can learn Polish for free............

I know one method which always works but it is not for free.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
29 Jan 2010 #14
The best way is to buy a book (pretty cheap) and hang out a lot with Polish people. I strongly recommend Polish in 4 weeks.

Rosetta Stone

Expensive and very overrated. You don't learn the structures of the languages. And people who used this have big problems with grammar.
bookratt 6 | 85
29 Jan 2010 #15
Polish is a hard language to learn on your own, esp. if you are starting w/no skill/fluency at all, have no Polish heritage and did not grow up around Polish speakers. You will need in-person "feedback" and guidance, to help with accent, syllable stress, etc.

Some ideas:

Check with The British Council group. They may be able to give you referrals to locals/native speakers who can help you. Sometimes they have lists of local staff or volunteers who give Polish lessons in exchange for English conversation sessions.

Church groups from the US and the UK, often Protestant church groups run by missionary families, offer religious services in Polish and English. I have heard of a Pole who learned English by sitting thru both services every Sunday, for one year. Try it in reverse and maybe pick up Polish this way!

Ask at your consulate or embassy: they often have notice boards with people looking to give Polish lessons in exchange for English and they may also have a lending library, which might include cd sets for language learning. It may be free to UK citizens to use. And local consular staff, ie: native Poles, often work in the library and in outreach services and may be able to help you.

Krakow has had for 20 years a group called The English Language Club. It meets once per week, for 2 hrs, for 2 pln pr visit. People just randomly show up to join in and conversation pairs form from there. Not just English is spoken, but French, German, etc. There are many regulars there who can advise you. They may not have such a group in your city but if not, why not start a group of this kind on your own?!

Try posting at for language groups/casual help groups in your city. Maybe you can sign up to join an arts or soccer or beer drinkers group, meet a native Pole who shares your interest and learn Polish from them as you craft, work or play together.

Rosetta Stone Polish is great for beginners, IMHO--at least for me it was. I'm an American, w/no Polish heritage/experience. Yes, the grammar gets messed up BUT as Polish is such a difficult language for all non-Slavics to pick up, you will mess up the grammar anyway, for a long, long time, even taking paid lessons. I say use whatever tools you can get your hands on.

Instant Immersion also makes decent cd sets, very cheap compared to the Rosetta series--and Amazon.DE and Amazon.UK carry both of these. Both also ship here to Poland, but it's pricey to do that. So ask a friend or family member to bring them over to you, or pick them up on your next trip home.

If you have never learned Latin or French and do not understand gender and declension issues, try a language program of this type out first just to see how easily you do get it, before you spend the cash.

Gumtree ads online for your city often display ads for language lessons and free exchanges. Occasionally a seller may also offer used copies of language CDs.

And don't forget to try and if you can get a friend to help you decipher the sites.

Good luck!
Michal - | 1,865
30 Jan 2010 #16
There are also some thirty six million Poles on the streets!
tonywob 6 | 43
31 Jan 2010 #17
Get yourself a Polish partner, you can get it for free then ;-))
OP Louis001 6 | 14
23 Feb 2010 #18
Some ideas:

Thank you very much :)
23 Feb 2010 #19
Does anyone know where I can learn Polish for free?

get you a Polish gf. The best way to learn anyway.
beelzebub - | 444
23 Feb 2010 #20
A girlfriend is anything but a free way to learn. In fact in most ways it will turn out to be the most expensive.
23 Feb 2010 #21
It depends on you, lol. It takes two to tango. Besides, think about the benefits.
jamesmatador - | 1
16 Apr 2010 #22
Yes ,You Can Learn Any Language For Free In The Below Website.
Iam Also Learning Polish In This Site And It Really Helpful.

This Is My First Post,So....

The Website Name Is :

Its Free to Register and Enjoy Learning Polish.

And Search In Youtube for : learn polish.

so many wonderful videos in there..they are not in order but very very useful videos.

If You Have Any Doubts just send me mail.
OP Louis001 6 | 14
22 Apr 2010 #23
If You Have Any Doubts just send me mail.

Cheers mate!!!!!
Lukasz Sadurek - | 1
18 Jun 2010 #24
Are you still interested in Polish lessons?

Feel free to contact me via private mail.


Does anybody interested in Polish/English tandem in the city centre of Warsaw. Conversational level 1H Polish for 1H English. Only two things required: sense of humour and will to study.

EwaFromPoland - | 8
22 Aug 2010 #25
Hi I live in Silesia, I can teach you Polish online, I would like British English for this:)
I got a lot of time since now it`s holidays before my studies, so anyone interested contact me:)
24 Feb 2012 #26

This guy has recently started this blog. It suits my style of learning ( i.e, not via grammar ). I am sure it'll help you.

-Mark Wilson
noreenb 7 | 557
24 Feb 2012 #27
Louis, only you know it.
I don't think so.
dhrynio 5 | 97
26 Feb 2012 #28
You could start here! livemocha
31 Jan 2013 #29
Schmiznurf 9 | 31
7 Feb 2013 #30
I'm learning on livemocha, which has been suggested already. They have speaking exercises where you recite a paragraph about things you just learned, and you can record yourself and send it to Polish people on the site for an opinion. I've received some quite helpful feedback so far.

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