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Jakoś tam będzie

Leonis 30 | 61
15 Mar 2010 #1
Cześć:-) Please help!

I know what it means literally, BUT I guess it has a figurative sense, hasn't it? Just because I heard it from Poles, and I don't really understand this expression...
purplewolf 2 | 46
15 Mar 2010 #2
I guess it has a figurative sense, hasn't it?

Yes, it does.. It's a famous Polish "jebałpiesizm pospolity" known as a specific form of "pessimistic optimism" [sic]...

"Jakoś to będzie" is more correct, i guess... The word "tam" doesn't fit the phrase...
15 Mar 2010 #3
Choose one:

1) Things will turn out well, I'm sure;
2) Let's hope for the best;
3) It'll turn out all right;
4) Things will work out;
5) It'll be all right

literally: 'one way or the other, it's gonna be somehow'
OP Leonis 30 | 61
19 Mar 2010 #4
Thank you all very much for your answers! :-DD

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