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iPhone / Android - Smartphone apps for learning Polish

db1874 7 | 227
10 Jan 2011 #1
Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an iPhone App for learning Polish? I had a look in the App store and there seems quite a few available but they don't have many reviews.
smurf 39 | 1,951
10 Jan 2011 #2
naw, most are crap, there's a great translator though called iTranslate
bombelku56 1 | 20
10 Jan 2011 #3
"Byki" can be useful, depending on your level. I use a "Collins" dictionary, which I find very helpful.

sites: - for vocabulary. intended for Polish speakers to learn English, but works both ways. - very good! This requires flash, however, so may not work with your iPhone. (I use a Motorola Droid)
10 Jan 2011 #4
krzysiek89 - | 1
31 Jan 2011 #5
I found a iphone app which is quite good in my opinion. It basically has music on it and has two people (one english and one polish) talking over the music. The polish woman is teaching the english man. If you listen to it enough, you remember it as the music helps you remember the sentences etc.

Do a search for "Earworms rapid Polish"
prasz - | 5
31 Jan 2011 #6
anything for android ?
AnnieRose - | 11
19 Mar 2012 #7
[Moved from]: Smartphone apps to learn Polish?

I have an Android phone, but it only knows english and spanish. Would someone suggest an app that can give me Polish keyboard, and also a dictionary to check my poor spelling?
19 Mar 2012 #8
This is what I use, it easily goes back and forth, and has voice recognition in both languages.
catsoldier 59 | 588
19 Mar 2012 #9
Could it be used to translate words that I don't understand on DVDs etc. even if the person speaks at a wickedly fast rate?
Mleko 1 | 20
21 Jul 2012 #10
Merged: Polish apps for Iphone

I have 3 polish apps on my phone and here are 2 of them, the other 1 I cannot find on the appstore.

Name : Learn Polish PLUS
Maker : Rosmedia
Rating : 7/10 - has a lot of phrases
On appstore : 3/5
Price : $1.99
Available on Installous? : Yes

Name : Learn Polish with busuu
Maker : busuu
Rating : 9/10 - takes you from a1 to b2 (beginner to intermediate)
On appstore : 4.5/5
Price : $0.00 - upgrades inside are $4.99 for each course, the upgrades are available with iAPcracker for free
I don't have the pro version of this but if anybody does have it or wants to get it, it's $4.99 and you can post what's extra in it.
8 Sep 2018 #11


Hi everyone!
I am living in Poland for few months and to be honest I think learning polish is really difficult.
That's why I would like to recommend to all of you this free app that is created in Poland and has many of Polish courses and really useful lessons.
Lyzko 42 | 9,490
8 Sep 2018 #12
I take it your first language is English. If not, some learners prefer to learn a foreign language in their native tongue at the beginning, later switch to all target language material for practice, eschewing source or first language interference:-) Everyone's different. Me, I learned Polish first in German, eventually switching to Polish as the primary language of instruction after about year or so as I felt more confident.

There's another free app with which I'm cursorily familiar called "lingo learn". Ever heard of it?

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