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Polish inscription in a book for a loved one

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12 Dec 2016  #31

I'm pretty sure you didn't.

Thanks again, you're probably right!

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13 Dec 2016  #32

Ok, so curiosity got the better of me and, as one does these days, I turned to Google. Honesty compels me to admit that I've almost certainly never seen this article before, so your assertion still stands, but:

Kto wejdzie do rządu Ewy Kopacza, a kto z niego odejdzie?

Is this usage just incorrect or is there something else going on?
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13 Dec 2016  #33

It's probably a typo, you'll notice that it's only the one time, all the other examples of her name aren't declined

córka przyszłej premier Ewy Kopacz (gen)

w rządzie Ewy Kopacz (gen)

Poza Ewą Kopacz (instr)

I noticed they also used the old -ówna (daughter of) suffix for her daughter to keep the two separate.
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13 Dec 2016  #34

Thanks, I did notice that all of the other examples of her name in the story at the top weren't declined. I didn't get down as far as the story about her daughter so didn't notice the -ówna suffix - very interesting, thanks for pointing it out.
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24 Dec 2016  #35


Thank you - you totally get me! Although I am far from refined (old squatter punk!), I have a romantic streak a mile wide, a love of the English language and I am respectful of privacy. She hasn't received the book yet but our relationship has progressed so I don't have to worry about being too intense with the usage of particular phrases.

She also doesn't fit the stereotype portrayed in this thread. She is very private, very considerate of others' feelings and certainly not the 'claws into you' type.

Once again, thank you for understanding my motives and jumping to my defence. Much appreciated.

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Polish inscription in a book for a loved one
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